Pat Dryer

Pat DryerHey – Pat Dryer here. I’ve been in the Corporate world most of my career and have usually earned a very good living. We provided a big house, good schools, great vacations – you know, the American Dream.

Although there is a movie out there that says “greed is good” I am here to tell you that greed is not a good thing and the actions of a few can have grave effect on thousands of families.

Without going into the details, I was one of many victims of a very large company that was managed by a few greedy people. The fallout and financial devastation was widespread and painful for many – my family was included in this. In a matter of three days it was all gone – the stock, the 401K and the job.

I took another Corporate job to pay the bills but then I did something else – I started a “side business”, a home business. Something that could eventually take the place of my primary income. Using my sisters experience, we developed a company that designs, builds and manages trade show properties for corporate clients.

As that became our primary income it was time to start another “side business” to add the same financial protection I’ve become accustomed to.

This time I joined a network marketing company. Knowing that 95% of network marketers struggle and only 5% are successful I became determined to be part of that 5%! With that up and running, I’ve added Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing and Coaching to my income streams.

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