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Discover how to skip 80% of the hustle, build a $100,000+ income per year all online and 10X your deals…

From the Desk of OLA Tux Abitogun:
To: Real Estate Wholesalers & Future Millionaires

Dear Friend,

Be sure to read this entirely as you will discover…

  1. How to skip 80% of the hustle in traditional real estate investing …and wholesaling,
  2. Make $100,000 or more per year with or without closing deals
  3. and close 10X more deals

…all without…

  • picking up the phone,
  • knocking on doors
  • or driving for dollars.


While real estate wholesaling can be an extremely lucrative business,

…it presents some real frustration for the newbie.

(1) While Low barrier of entry into wholesaling and no money down investing is fundamentally a privilege,

…it attracts bottom feeders and incompetent people in general.

Clearly, you are not one of them evident by the fact that you are seeking education on more efficient and effective strategy to build your business.

(2) It is fast becoming saturated

(…just check out the YouTube comments and Facebook groups).

There are more people leaving questions and comments than actually making money and/or doing deals.

(3) 98% of those who attempt driving for dollars, cold calling and knocking on doors fail and get frustrated for obvious reasons.

(4) There are more wholesalers selling than there are buyers and investors actually buying deals.

(5) The few buyers available back out of deals while wholesalers end up stuck with a contract they can’t execute.

(6) Beginners are going broke in the process before ever getting any chance to close even a 1st deal.

(7) A few that closes their 1st deal end up in a new rat race of attracting bank overdraft fees and credit card debts due to a false sense of hope in the business,

…watching their original dream of a rich, freedom and lifestyle business going down the drains.

When you experience this 7 issues in the beginning,

…it breeds more issues more issues 7+ times over, due to the downstream effect and nature of these things.

And It’s not even your fault.

I promise you that it’s because the gurus have complicated the whole thing. Real estate wholesaling and investing is simply about 2 steps.

1. Finding discounted deals using mass marketing which works 100% of the time and…

That’s 80% of the hustle and very expensive.

Keep reading, I will show you how to skip it completely …and close 10x more deals faster.


Using digital marketing list building skills to turn them for profit.

When you tell the gooroos and dooroos you are too broke and can’t afford to spend $1,000 – $3,000 on proper marketing,

…they are very quick to sell you a course on strategies that work only less than 1% of the time—such as…

  • 1. knocking on doors and
  • 2. driving for dollars (D4$)

Some pay the gurus and doorus in the form of 40,000 hours of free YouTube views and others pay $40,000 at hotel seminars.

Either way, the gurus and the doorus GET PAID; Deal or NOT!

Basically, they will always have more money than you to focus on marketing strategies that work 100% of the time.

While you are focused on strategies that only work 1% of the time—the same 10 deals success stories they used to sell you their brand.

What about you?

How can you get $1,000-$3,000 per month to market and run your wholesale real estate business like the gurus and doorus?

…without having to wait to close the 1st deal.

…which for most people… is never???

It turns out… it’s simple.

There is a better way and it’s all in this 3 top secrets that only the top 1% producers and gurus know about.


Focus on what the market is missing which is presently a strong buyers, partners and investors network.

There are more than enough people doing the 1st 80% of the hustle which is acquisition (finding motivated and distressed sellers) that you can JV with.

Why would they JV with you?

Because they are getting stuck with contracts they can’t fulfill. They need you.

Best part about that is that you will in effect be skipping 80% of the hustle that leads 98% of them into delinquent bank accounts and credit card debts.

The game needs disposition experts who will create a digital audience, demand, buyers and market which will as a direct effect, create more revenue for you and others.

If you use a smartphone and social media, it’s a simple digital age skill

…and I will show you how to get all setup and running within the next 11 days.

With the options of massive network of buyers that you create, there is no such thing as buyers backing out of a deal because:

  • (1) There is competition
  • (2) You can replace a buyer with one email

For the same reason, buyers are willing to back up their contracts with non-refundable $3,000 – $5,000 earnest money deposit.

That’s the 1st type of income that you make with or without the deal closing.

Speaking of… Let’s get into the 2ND SECRET

The 2nd secret is to setup your business in a way that attracts a healthy mix of low ticket, mid-ticket and high ticket income and paydays.

While the big paydays of $25,000 or $82,000 homerun which is my highest on record is very attractive,

…it doesn’t happen every day.

When the global market crashed on me in 2008, my business was more exposed to it due to this very factor.

Fortunately enough for me, I was able to learn quickly that the Warren Buffett’s of this world diversify their income portfolio into multiple streams of all types of income.

Traditional wholesaling is just one stream of income; ONLY when deals close.

It’s a dangerous position to be in.

So the 2nd secret is to setup a digital buyers network that makes $100,000 or more per year…

From multiple streams of consolidated income, passive and residual income…

With or without closing deals using my digital audience monetization method.

If you use a smart phone and social media, it’s a simple digital age skill and I will show you how to get all setup and running within the next 11 days.

Now let’s talk about closing deals and the 3rd secret.


I get it.

This is all about closing real estate deals and banking $5K, $10K, $42,000 or more.

Without the proper balance of short and long term expectations, you will actually decrease your chances of closing deals ever.

Hence why 98% just quit and fail.

The worst part is that many quit without even knowing it.

3 months is past and they realize suddenly, they had not done a cold calling session or driven for dollars or knocked some doors.

It’s called frustration.

Some just get addicted to the “hoping and waiting” game.

So the 3rd secret to closing 10x more deals is to set up a digital attraction marketing system that focuses on leading with value with an invisible expectation for closing deals.

A few value buying, selling and transactions are happening before deals are closed.

You should capitalize on this very fact and by doing so, you will naturally attract 10x more deals because you have what they need.

A Monetizable and Monetized Buyers Network

QUICK HINT: Do you think the gurus weekly release of videos and tool recommendations are just charity not-for-profit cases?

Ha ha…

If you use a smart phone and social media, it’s a simple digital age skill and I will show you how to get all setup and running within the next 11 days.

But before that…

Who da heck am I and how do I qualify to even talk about or present this $100,000+ annual income formula and business opportunity to you???

My name is OLA.

I am the creator of myEmpirePRO.

…and the author of Smart Real Estate Wholesaling.

…and Real Estate Money Secrets.

I launched my first profitable business which is real estate wholesaling back in 2005. It was the last year of college where I bagged 2 seemingly useless degrees from NJIT.

  • B. Sc in Computer Engineering
  • M. Sc in Engineering Management.

I learned the 40-40-40 plan from those 2 programs.

  1. Working 40 hours per week.
  2. For the next 40 years.
  3. Taking home $40,000 per year.

Wait… There is another 40.

Trying to pay off a $40,000 school loan. The worst deal I have ever signed up for in my life.

Anyway, I joined the wholesale real estate investing game and closed my 1st deal in December 2005.

I’ve closed tons of deals since then obviously while encountering 40,000+ obstacles.

Because of this opportunity, you don’t have to experience the same obstacles and learning curve.

I made an average of $30,000 net on what spanned over 25 deals within my 1st 18 months with the highest on a single deal being $82,000.

After transactions worth over $3 million 2 years later… Things started to slow down.

I lost everything eventually. Thanks to the 2008 recession.

Then I went on a mission to learn how to apply the Warren Buffett rule to the knowledge equity I had built from my experience.

That Warren Buffet rule is to learn how to make money in my sleep.

The internet was a great place to learn that.

Within 1 year, I was back to $40,000 per month in revenue without having to be on the streets for real estate.

In 2014, I applied the same modern day marketing and business scaling skills to my real estate wholesaling strategies, it worked.

But even better…

Imagine being able to earn the money you need to…

  • 1. Deposit on new rental properties monthly.
  • 2. Being a cash buyer for your own deals, being able to whole-tail, being able to mess around and use cash to do other types of creative deals.
  • 3. Becoming a private lender in the game.

Isn’t that the end goal anyway?

After hitting $10,000 in monthly residual income…

I have been able to do this and more because of the simple skills I will be revealing to you.

It’s all about attracting people leveraging the year that we live in.

I call it 2000&DIGITAL.

My methods are very simple and I use it to attract an average of 150 video views, 12,000+ hours every single day.

These are real human beings turning to deals for me daily.

So my offer to you is an 11 days challenge to follow my lead and get your digital million dollar empire all set up and running.

If you have $10, we can make it happen.

You can take a RISK-FREE trial for 14 days.

In 11 days, you will be all setup to do exactly the same thing that the gurus and the doorus do…

Flipping knowledge and information…

  • … into leads, into Properties, into deals and eventually
  • …into money.

Leverage what you are doing right now, “LEARNING” together with the sharing economy.

With our proprietary one of a kind web-based training software and system…


…that I spent over $173,000 building, All you need is a username and a password.

After the trial period, …you still don’t need $173,000 to keep using the system if you like it…

PLUS the on-going weekly coaching

Instead of the normal tag of:
$297 per month or $4,997

…taking action now guarantees that you are locked at:

$97 per month

…for as long as your account is active.

Keep in mind you don’t even have to close real estate deals to secure a 6 figures income business with this system.

That’s the magical part about this as it even increases your chances of being able to market appropriately for deals.

I have created the 3 pillar system so that you can copy and paste it into your real estate wholesaling business today.

…and you can get started at less than $1 per day.

$10 for a 14 Days Test Drive Trial

  • If you are frustrated from looking for your next deal, you need the 3 pillar system.
  • If you are looking for your 1st deal, even better simply because you don’t have to unlearn 1983 old school marketing strategies that don’t work effectively and efficiently anymore.

So if this makes so much sense to you now, it’s a fact of life that it will make sense to others right?


…is designed to help you build a personal influencer brand that will help you double your income

…at less than half the time it takes to get there traditionally.

This is the wholesale real estate business exactly the way the gurus and dooroos do it. We call it wholesale intensive.

$4,997Get Started for Just $10

Special Offer Expires in…


Life comes with very few guarantees, but here is one of them.

Time will continue to pass; including the next 11 days.

Whether or not we allow ourselves the pleasure and the adventure of building a million dollar digital operation within the next 11 days.

If that sounds non-typical, that’s normal.

The type of income and lifestyle you are contemplating on creating are non-typical.

But here is another guarantee.

In addition to the risk-free 14 days trial, …you also have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

If any time before your 30th day anniversary you feel that this is isn’t working for you, it’s a one click cancellation button and you get 100% of your money back.

The only risk in your decision is attached to not taking action.


The acquisition end of real estate wholesaling…

  • Cold Calling
  • Driving for Dollars

… and even direct mailing are saturated now compared to when I started in 2005.

However, virtually no one is helping with extremely lucrative disposition end of the game which is…

Securing a strong buyers network and market for the deals and the industry; essentially becoming the go to resource and platform for others.


But it’s only a matter of time.

99% are stuck on the guru story, finding and looking for the deals but going broke doing it.

There are so many real estate wannabe wholesalers trying to do things the old school and outdated ways.

While the gurus and dooroos are teaching these strategies that only work 1% of the time, they are growing influence

…and their marketing budget for the strategies that work 100% of the time.

Some of them even spend $0 on marketing and are attracting 100 JV deals per year for simply doing the opposite of what they teach.

Remember that this 6-7 figures income formula and the system is 100% risk free. I built the system for me and it cost me $173,000.

It costs me a lot of money to maintain as well.

I am taking the risk.

All you have to do is ride on my shoulders and the years of experience I’ve built since closing my first deal in December 2005. Click Here to Join the 11 days challenge now with the link or button below…

$4,997Get Started for Just $10

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Deal Disposition Expert Training & Certification


Identifying a Deal $197 BONUS
With the 3 pillar system, you will be sourcing and attracting deals everywhere and anywhere in the nation. In this video course, you will discover my personal method to sorting fast for deals that makes sense… like a professional.
ARV in 60 Secs $297 BONUS
ARV stands for after repair value. This data in particular drives everything. If it’s wrong, it will have devastating downstream effect on a deal. In this video course, you will discover how I find the value accurately in 60 seconds on less. You will also understand the concept that makes it work 100% of the time.
Quick Deal Analysis $97 BONUS
In this video course, you will discover advanced methods to analyze deals that ordinarily who be dead on face value. I have never closed a deal that was just straight to close. Many times, you will have to put on the hat of an analyst to make the deal work or to at least make it sweeter for everyone.
Deal or NOT Income Office $47 BONUS
With this bonus, you will be issued an account that will position you with an unfair advantage to leverage you learning and setup process to start creating cash flow. It also allows you to track your progress starting immediately.



Join the 11 days challenge now with the link or button below…

$4,997Get Started for Just $10

Special Offer Expires in…


Frequently Asked Question – F.A.Q

❓Do I have to pay for updates?

Absolutely not! We are always updating the system, add new test results so you don’t have to make the mistakes we’ve made and you get it all for FREE! Because the 3 pillar system is a web-based software, the updates automatically show up in your account with no action needed on your end.

❓Are my information secure?

Yes! We take protection of your privacy and security as priority. This is a proprietarily built system so you, your data and information are safe.

❓How long is my membership contract?

You can cancel any time with ZERO obligation on all parties. There is NO long term commitments. You can use the 3 pillar system month to month for as long as you want.

❓If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! You have direct contact for support as displayed on every page of your account. If you have any questions, be it training, skills or system feature or suggestions, we respond in 12 business hours or less.

❓Who owns the the list I build?

You own your list 100% independent of myEmpirePRO. It’s your personal asset!. The 3 Pillar System is a technology designed to build your empire.

❓If I don’t like the 3 Pillar System, how do I cancel?

Simply contact us by email as displayed or login to your account, click on your account settings to cancel. No need to call or talk to anyone.

❓If I don’t want to create content and/or videos, is there a way around that?

Yes, you can focus on email marketing/copy & paste which we cover.

❓How much will this system walk me through getting everything setup?

It walks you through everything with opportunity to as questions; step by step plus on-going support. OLA is not a guru. He is an educator who also happens to be an investor.

❓Funds are limited and I’m trying to spend wisely as I’ve bought a course before and attended several meetings and seminars with still no deals. Is this just another one?

Almost 100% of our success stories have tried other training and systems and failed at it. In fact, the 3 pillar system is designed to rescue those who have tried and failed. You are in the right place.

❓I know I will have to work the system/program in order for it to work, but with that being said, how long does it usually take to pick up traction once starting?

It’s an 11 days challenge which you are accessing at ZERO RISK TRIAL… by the 11th day, you will know if you are on the right path or not with real hard data and facts for an intelligent decision.

Join the 11 days challenge now with the link or button below…

$4,997Get Started for Just $10

Special Offer Expires in…


P.S This is about skipping completely UN-necessary hustle, working smart, building and healthy income from home leveraging the information age with real estate.

P.P.S You can get started at absolutely ZERO-RISK, and you can cancel anytime… CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.