Are MLMs More UnEthical Than Internet Marketing?

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QUESTION“MLM’s are unethical in my opinion. Sales funnels should always start out with the main product up front. When you go to Subway, do you buy a slice of cheese and then add the sandwich as an upsell. Enough said.


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On a grand scale, MLM’s and network marketing business model is a legal business model. But of course, there are people who would always attempt to abuse any situation. It happens in every business model.

With that being said, MLM’s have a special level of negative stigma. The reason is because the business model by nature attracts people looking to gain with putting in the work. It attracts a lot of people with the gambling mindset.

In MLM, there are products and services for sale. The whole idea is a team of sale and marketing reps getting compensated on multiple levels for distributing products and services.

That also means people get compensated for building the team into massive distribution channel. So in my humble opinion, one of the offers is the opportunity to buy the business opportunity.

So in MLM, people tend to focus on selling the business opportunity. Because of that, it attracts people that join the deal not because of the main front end product and/or services but in order to make money.

There are often the temptation practice misrepresentation as people promise prospects that they will get rich or that it is easy to get rich. You and I know that it’s not always true as anything worthwhile takes work.

More importantly, it takes skills as it is about smart work than it is about hard work. When you take the time to master marketing skills, it won’t matter to you to misrepresent as you would only be marketing to a target market that already wants the product or service. That’s where a sales funnel comes in.

As you know, there is no such thing as marketing in this time and age without “internet marketing”. The audience are all on the internet. So as an MLM’er in the digital age, it’s counter productive to not master internet marketing.

This is how to avoid the negative stigma of MLM. This is how to go mainstream as an entrepreneur. If you do not start learning everything there is to know about internet marketing, you will get stuck in the small world of MLM.

I love MLM. But entrepreneurship at a professional level is bigger than MLM. I love MLM because it’s the biggest one stop for all the personal and mindset development that you need. But execution to massive profits extends into digital and internet marketing.

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