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Attraction Marketing Network Marketing Leads Generation Strategy and Does Bandit Signs Work?

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In this edition, I’m going to talk about attraction marketing as leads generation strategy in network marketing. I’m also going to take a few moments to talk about bandit signs.

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First of all, let me talk about bandit signs. I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from bandit signs in my early days in real estate wholesaling.

IF you are not familiar with bandit signs, you can typically find them in inner cities. They plastic corrugated boards in yellow with black written text saying “We buy Homes” or “Make Money from Home.”

Well, these signs are only pleasant in the eyes of the marketer and prospect who may be attracted to them. However, they are dirty and the city official frown at them.

I’ve received a few calls from city official threatening to send me $1,500 violation tickets. Running a business that way is not fun for me. I like making fun with my money.

So does bandit signs work as a network marketing leads generation method? Anything works if you do it long enough.

But I definitely will not be recommending that you violate your city codes because of money. That’s not a sustainable way of building a business.

In addition to the fact that you can violate city codes and get tickets, the city cleaners actually remove them frequently. That means you have to keep hanging them.

If you have to keep spending money on this strategy, you might as well spending on the right network marketing leads generation strategy such as attraction marketing.

Speaking of that? Below is a question with regards to the options you have when it comes to attraction marketing as a strategy.

Question – “Some people desire to set up a passive stream, and do not have the time to use attraction marketing principles to bring in leads.

If that’s you, cool. Purchase and prosper. Just make sure to maintain some presence on social networks to build trust and increase conversions.”

In this question, this person is referring to buying leads as passive stream. It is not.

If you do not have the time to use attraction marketing principles, you deserve to save your money and your resources and go back to job.

Just like in your real life relationships, the forces of attraction are not optional and you do get to choose if it’s working or not. It’s always on.

However, if you choose to not reverse engineer it in favor of quality lead generation for your business, it will simply work against you.

You will buy leads and 99% of them will not buy your products, services and/or opportunities. You will attempt to prospect but your they will run away from you because they are cold like a dog nose.

Attraction marketing principle is simple the art and science of attraction quality leads to your network marketing business by lead with value first. Is it not optional to lead with value first either in prospecting or closing.

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