2 Ways to Identify BEST CITIES 📍 Wholesale Real Estate

You can understand why a new wholesale real estate investor would want to know the best cities to go after. It makes sense as it reserve resources, time,money, energy for marketing and prospecting in the cities with the closest to guarantee as possible for success.

So I’ve decided to share 2 quick ways to identify the best cities to target with your hunting operation.

1 – Ask at your Local REIA

This still works especially if it’s by the way.

“By the way” means you would hang out at REIA’s to network anyway.

Simply ask any cash buyers you meet where they like to invest.

They are usually happy to share as it potentially mean more money for them.

2 – Data Collection & Analysis

The 2nd way is to collect data of all cash transactions of at least past one year.

Analyze the data by counting the transactions in each city all over the nations.

The city with the highest cash transactions indicates that investors love the idea of investing their money there.

Guess where you should scouting and hunting for more deals. You guessed it right.

Best Cities To Wholesale Real Estate