[Part 8] Driving for Dollars vs Smart Wholesaling 📍 300% More Deals @ $0 Marketing Cost

QUESTION ⁉️ “What to do after driving for dollars?”

After driving for dollars, the next step is to find the contact information of the owners of the property addresses you collected. If you are using apps, the apps offer fairly expensive ways to contact the home owners with in-app purchases.

As you know, real estate wholesaling is the art and science of finding deeply discounted properties using mass media marketing to potentially distressed and motivated sellers, locking under contract and selling the rights to the contract to an end buyer for a lucrative fee between $1,000 & $82,000 which is my highest one time fee ever.

Driving for dollars is not a mass media marketing. Therefore an average person will not work until it works. Essentially it doesn’t work for 98+% of those who attempt.

In this series, we introduce a better strategy to build a real estate wholesaling business. It’s called Smart Wholesaling.

With smart wholesaling, you can expect this 3 opportunities:

(1) Skip 80% of the hustle in traditional wholesaling

(2) Make $100,000 or more per year with or without closing deals and…

(3) Close 10X more deals


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