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On today’s episode, I want to talk to you about, “what is the best network marketing company?” This is a big deal believe it or not. It doesn’t actually matter what level you are in this business.

You can be 15 years deep, you can be 10 years deep, you can be 5 years deep. Someone is still always asking what could possibly be the best network marketing company in the profession?

I find it fascinating that just this past weekend that just went by, I got pitched on quite a few MLM deals. I hang up my t-shirt some type of way for a while, for the last one year or so.

We’ve just been helping people that are our existing team. I stopped recruiting to any MLM for a while, and we’re helping our existing customers and just helping people in the industry in general, until lately that I got pitched–just this last weekend.

I have to be frank with you, I was tempted quite a few times with different deals here and there. There was one with a solar power system, another one with the alkaline water machine, and another one with pure information products.

These were leaders that were approaching me with these deals. I started to take a closer look. At the very minimum when I look at these companies, I want to learn about them.

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I always want to know what the profession is up to and I want to know what some of the leaders are up to. What new network marketing companies are being launched. I’ve found out a few things and I want to share them with you on this particular episode.

I believe you are a leader and I believe you should know some of the inside information that’s going on that a typical top income earner, upline or producer won’t share with you. They believe that your brain cannot handle it.

The truth of the matter is that we live in a different age. We live in a transparency age, we live in an age that there’s free flow of information and I believe that the people that are open to sharing this type of information will excel more.

I believe that giving to you is the best way for me to grow and improve myself too. I have to trust you with certain information.

I still have to be politically correct but there’s nothing wrong with full transparency and that’s why I’m about to share this with you.

What is the best network marketing company? Beware of this type of success stories…

This past weekend there was one situation that I decided this is the best fit for my students who have been asking for a recommendation to join–as opposed to a traditional MLM.

I’m not the romantic guy when it comes to MLM. I’m not the one that get romantic all about network marketing. I just love network marketing. I love people.

But here is the thing, I love people but network marketing has to actually produce and help people before I can just start claiming that I love it. I love network marketing as a business model.

I really don’t love network marketing in a romantic way and I suggest you don’t. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

That’s the reason why I introduced network marketing 2.0, because that involves the actual learning of building wealth. That involves you learning how to operate in your skill set and not just falling for clicheé phrases that the top earners would use to get you into deals, upon deals, upon deals.

No results to show for it.

For me, this business is very simple. We serve people and we make money serving people. If possible, we want to build a business around that. How do you do that? It’s a big deal.

What I’m about to share with you is a big deal because it’s the reason why too many people suffer and continue to struggle in the business.

There are too many people that are in love with their founder without really knowing them personally. You need you to get to a place where this becomes a business venture and not a romantic trip.

Where you understand that your entrepreneurial skills are going to be needed, then you will have a lot more success. Sadly a lot of the so called top earners and top producers in the industry are actually very, very amateurish in their behavior.

…and many of them still struggling to build a sustainable business.

There’s a lot of people in the industry that have made money–good money but struggling to build a sustainable cash flow. They’ve made some hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they still never change their mindsets.

They don’t look at the top achievers in this world when it comes to a long-term wealth building behavior. I want to help you. I want to shield you from that by sharing again this information that I’m yet to share with you.

What is the best network marketing company? There’s no such thing. If there is, then it will only be a product that you’re passionate about…

…and something you see yourself doing long-term even if the company shuts down. In other words, you may consider a company the best network marketing company in the moment but if they go out of business, are you sill going to remain in the business of selling that product?

If you don’t see yourself saying ‘yes’ to that, then clearly it is simply not the best network marketing company. It’s not for YOU. I wanted to share that with you.

I wanted to make that clear to you, because again fake top income earners do use languages like, “I’m not into real estate because I just love network marketing, I love people.”

Such statements are very amateurish, naive or a blatantly lie to pretend. The key to having the best network marketing company is to make sure you’re selling the product that you’d sell if it wasn’t for the money.

Something you’ll be involved in if you take money out of the equation because that’s how long-term money is going to come to you.

Even in spite of that, you still have to respect that there are things like real estates, investing your money safely inside in vehicles that are more long-term and will continue to remain long-term than any type of network marketing company.

Know that there is no such thing as best network marketing company outside of something you would sell even if there was no money attached to it.

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