5 Best Wholesale Real Estate Books

In this lesson, you will discover what I consider the 5 best wholesale real estate books that I recommend that you review as soon as possible.

When I was growing up, reading wasn’t my thing at all.

If you’ve read any one of the 3 books I have written, you may have noticed that it wasn’t written to win the most grammatically correct book awards.

But as I grew into my career as a consultant and coach in real estate investing and other areas of life, it became a necessity.

So I decided to just speak from the heart and my experiences into these books.  Many have appreciated these books over some years now.

Also, I learned a long time ago that some of the best information in the world is hidden inside a book and I don’t miss “nothing”.

I’ve read a few books physically but I listen to audiobooks for the most part.  

And the good news is that the books I recommend for you in this lesson all come in audiobook versions as well.

So let’s dive right in.

Book #5  – The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

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This book is written by Than Merrill who runs the most popular real estate seminar on my radar in the United States.  

He claims in the subtitle of the book that wholesale real estate is the fastest and easiest way to get started in real estate.

I can agree with the “fastest” part but the “easiest” is quite subjective because it depends on so many variables outside of the control of a coach.

Nonetheless, I think any beginner who is serious should read this book as a foundation particularly to understand the business model.

There may be some obsolete information such as what particular websites to find deals or particularly strategies that simply work a lot less.

I like the prospect of learning “creating systems” from the book as that is the major secret behind why those who succeed do so.

Book #4 – The Beginner’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate 

This is a book written by Jeff Leighton claiming to document a step-by-step system for wholesale real estate investing.  

I doubt that very much.  

But as the same goes for book #5, it’s for beginners who want to understand different perspectives to understand the fundamentals of wholesale real estate.

Everything becomes a little easier when you have a thorough understanding of its core principle and fundamentals.

So I would recommend picking up this book just for that purpose alone.

Book #3 – If You Can’t Wholesale After This

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That’s the title.  I thought that title was pretty slick.  The title suggests that the book contains all the information you will ever need to wholesale a piece of real estate.

Also, I’ve noticed heavy promotion of the book for a few years.  So I am adding this book to this list for you to read to see another perspective.

From my understanding, it covers mostly mindset topics and way of thinking that creates success; not necessarily the skill set.

I highly doubt if there are any books outside of my book that cover the required skills but mindset is just as important.  So I recommend the book.

It’s written by Todd M. Fleming.

Speaking of… The top 2 books are my books.  Of course, I am a little biased.

Book #2 – Smart Real Estate Wholesaling

The 3 Pillars of a Real Estate Wholesaling Empire in the Modern Age.

I wrote this book to address the changes and evolution that has hit wholesale real estate as a business model in recent times due to technology.

Way too many are employing old-school tactics that simply won’t work for an average person in a digital age where success loves speed.

You won’t just be learning useless stories.  You will learn smart real estate wholesaling.

I watch lots of aspiring real estate wholesaling professionals struggle for years. 

99% of the time, it’s very obvious to me why they struggle. The profession is primarily driven by simple marketing skill set. 

However, simple often doesn’t mean easy, especially without the secrets I reveal in this book, Smart Real Estate Wholesaling. 

Sure, there are tons of other real estate wholesaling guides out in the marketplace. 

This book is quite different. 

By the way, you can download it for free at www.SmartRealEstateWholesaling.com

Book #1 – Real Estate Money Secrets

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The Insider Secrets to Real Estate Investing and Building a Real Estate Empire from Scratch Like a Pro.  This is the ultimate real estate money bible in my opinion.

In this book, I reveal 7 different ways to create money with real estate without needing a real estate license from any state.

It’s an easy to reference book for clarity and understanding of the fundamentals; not just for wholesaling but real estate income from home.

There is a difference between real estate and real estate investing.  So in general, you will learn how money moves from hands to hands when it comes to real estate.

If you don’t  master this fundamental, how could you possibly identify where you can add value and attract income to your family? 

The idea with creating this book is to also bridge those two things together; value and income. 

The idea with real estate investing is to buy low and sell high.  

The uniqueness with real estate is that there are many ways that value moves which translates to many ways you can create income if you are serious.

It’s mostly an art rather than an exact science.  That’s what reading a few books will help you navigate through.  The right moves become second nature.

You can download it for free at www.RealEstateMoneySecrets.com 

Tell me in the comment area any questions you may have.

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