Can I Call A FORECLOSURE ATTORNEY For Info On A Property?

Question: “Can I Call A FORECLOSURE ATTORNEY For Info On A Property?”

Let me give you a quick background to why this question came up.

On this YouTube channel, if you’re watching on YouTube or on Facebook, 

You can find my YouTube channel – Ola Tux Abitogun.

We have tons of videos on pre foreclosure wholesaling and some of these questions come in from time to time.

What I teach here is, remember what I just said “Data”, I talked about data just now.

I talked about building this as a business, not just some kind of hobby, not as a 1963 business.

It’s about data.

Everything starts with data.

But if you have to call attorneys to find out the information on the property,

…ask yourself how many properties are you gonna call on before you close the deal.

You know, you’re just gonna get frustrated out of the whole business.

Because think about it, it’s a numbers game.

You are gonna have to go through quite a few property owners before you actually close a deal.

When I say a few, think about a few times 1000.

The only way you can really do that in a way that you won’t get frustrated out of business is to automate things.

You have to automate the whole process, 80% of the process has to be automated.

When I say automated, that means create a system and all it needs is input.

Like this computer that I am broadcasting to you on, the input is just me talking.

Imagine me having to basically handle everything that’s going on in this computer.

Basically receive the audio, receive the video, process it, send it through the Internet, make sure it goes to the right place.

Make sure it goes to the people that actually want to hear about wholesaling.

Imagine me having to worry about that.

Then that’s gonna be a frustrating effort.

And that’s what a lot of people do when it comes to real estate investing and wholesaling.

They’re trying to do everything, they wanna be the one to call, they wanna be the one to give the contract, they wanna be the one to close the deal,

…they wanna know everything up front.

Honestly, what you need is a system that works, and all you have to do is add the input to.

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So what is the input in this process?

With pre foreclosure, the input will be people, potential sellers, 

…meaning sellers that have a property in pre foreclosure, meaning they haven’t paid in a while.

So you need to do that in a way that is cost effective, optimistic and efficient.

You need to do that with time in mind.

If you have to spend so much time calling attorneys one by one to find out information about any piece of property, 

…you’re gonna get four straight out of the business.

It doesn’t work like that.

The way it works is you need access to data.

Data is public records.

Data of properties in pre foreclosure is in 99% of the market is public records.

You just need access to that data in a time effective manner in a way that you can come to your computer so you can process it.

Then you can create an outreach campaign for them.

Even though outreach campaigns, like now we are talking about stage 2 – Contact.

Even at that, you have to try to automate as much as possible.

You can’t get stuck in 1963, you see, I keep saying 1963.

I wasn’t born in 1963 by the way, but you get the point.

The point is that don’t get stuck in the past, technology has made everything easy.


So you can actually cover stage 1 and 2, which is data and contact with simple online campaigns.

Like the worst case scenario, let’s say you’re completely broke,

…at least you can use text messages to reach out to some pieces of data that you’ve collected in a time effective manner.

That’s how we do this business.

So, can I call a foreclosure attorney for info on a property?

No, you cannot be calling foreclosure attorneys.

They are not gonna respond to you because you’re wasting their time too.

So the moment they catch you on the phone that you’re sounding off like somebody that just fell for a guru somewhere and looking for information on the property,

They’re gonna look at you like,

Why? Why do you need information? Well, it’s public records. Well you need to go to the town, go to the city or go to a website”,

…because all these things are available everywhere.

So to answer the question, can i call a foreclosure attorney for info on a property,

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No, don’t call a foreclosure attorney for every 1 of those 1000 properties that you need to go through to find a deal.

There are ways that you can use computer systems to do all of that work.

The only people you talk to on the phone are people that have a property to sell.

The system has filtered everything and it pre-qualifies every prospect,

…and the only people that’s talking to you is somebody who has a property to sell.

So for those of you that are following after or running after cold calling and stuff like that, I just basically told you that you’re wasting time too.

There are easier, faster and cheaper ways to do this business than to waste all your time sitting on the phone trying to convince a person to give you the house for free.

It doesn’t make sense.

So there are better ways and that’s something that we cover heavily in 11DaysChallenge.com.

So No, don’t call a foreclosure attorney.

I’m sure there’s a guru, probably 10 or 15 years ago that thought doing something crazy like that, 

…but no, don’t do that.

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