Can I Find Houses to Flip or Wholesale on Zillow?

Question: “Can I Find Houses to Flip or Wholesale on Zillow?”

This is one of those that feels easy as a strategy when you first learn about it.

Obviously going to zillow.com and just looking at houses for sale by owners and calling them “seems easy” until you try it.

But we don’t use the word ‘easy’ because it’s not relevant in entrepreneurship, in business and even in life.

You are not gonna be like “tomorrow morning I wanna go to work but it’s not easy to wake up in the morning” it’s not relevant.

You gotta go to work.

It’s the same thing with business.

With that being said, allow me to use the word EASY

Calling “for sale by owner” is gonna be one of the most painful processes for you. Why?

Because there’s a reason why that person listed that house for sale by the owner.

Well, there are about 20 different reasons but let me give you just 2:

1. They don’t wanna pay a realtor 6% or 3%.

They wanna keep most of the money because they believe that this time and age, there’s the internet so why…

Why would I give away my money when there is the internet and everyone has access to the same zillow?”

And they are kind of right… no?

The problem is that you are gonna waste your time calling these people thinking you can negotiate 40-50 cents on the dollar

…and they’re gonna curse you out potentially.

2. They want the full price

Remember I said they wanna save money, the other side of that is that they want all the money.

But you might say…

Yeah but some people don’t mind, maybe the house has sat there for a while and they’re just looking for a way to get rid…

Well you may be right but that’s the exception, that’s one out of every 1,000 houses.

So it really comes down to this, It feels easy.

The reason why people asks these kinds of questions like,

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“Should I drive for dollars?” and

“Should I go on Zillow?”

All these fake “HACKS” are because it feels easy.

For as long as your energy continues to be drawn to things that feel easy, you will fail in this game.

If you get lucky the first time, you are not gonna get lucky the second time.

The only way to have 100% luck in this game or a 100% chance that you are gonna win is to learn marketing.

And you don’t go to zillow to market unless you are targeting homeowners that follow zillow’s facebook pages who may be homeowners.

…so you can attract them to fill out your form because they have a house to sell.

That’s attraction marketing.

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That is something that we cover here.

But again if you are going there to go pick up the phone and call them, you are forgetting that you are burning time.

That’s precious time, that’s the most valuable thing for you in life.

And you are gonna have to go through a 1,000 calls before you find somebody that will say

“…you know what? yes, I have been waiting for you to come and take my house away from me at 40-50 cents on a dollar”

So, Can I Find Houses to Flip or Wholesale on Zillow?

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I think all marketing strategies work.

The question is “Are you gonna keep working until it works?” because it’s gonna take longer.

It’s gonna be a little bit of a frustrating process for you.

I think zillow is just like driving for dollars in the sense that it’s just gonna be frustrating for most people.

The only thing I go on zillow to go look at is zestimate just so I know what to offer a lead that has already called me.

That’s the only thing I go there to look for.

Zillow is for retail buyers, it’s for retail sellers, it’s for people who list a house that they need to sell.

For what you are trying to do here as a marketing game, it’s about numbers, it’s about data, it’s about learning how to convert data to deals,

…and if it involves too much manual work going through all those numbers and then calling them one at a time,

You are going to expose yourself to frustration and you are just gonna be like…

“okay it doesn’t work”.

And then you are going to have resentment against the business simply because you wanted the ‘easy’ route.

The easiest route in this business is to learn marketing.

Learn how to market because not only can you make money wholesaling real estate,

You can use that skill set in every other aspect of business and entrepreneurship.

When you finally learn the skill set of attracting people to you and getting them already sold before they even open their mouth.

That’s the skill set that we want to cover and we want to continue to train people inside of the 11Days Challenge.

And if you are concerned about me selling it?

I’m sorry, that’s just how it goes here but I guarantee you, you are not gonna hear this anywhere else.

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