Let’s define network marketing in a way that helps you recruits 20+ reps per month – top earner secret

Today I want to talk to you about… I want to define network marketing. So every now and then we go over defining network marketing to make it clear.

Because we have brand new people that we attract from time to time. We know how to. We are building the audience from time to time.

Brand new people are coming in so…

If you are a veteran, you are intermediate or expert level network marketer, pardon me for a second. But I want you to share this with your team…

You know you have to do this from time to time. Bringing awareness to network marketing and what it is…. but more importantly what network marketing 2.0 is about.

Traditionally, network marketing was for people who wants to build a home business.

“You want to build a business from home?”

“You want to make money on the side of what you already do?

“Join my whatever… X Juice Business or X network. We will build team… “

Or what the non-knowledge-able would refer to as pyramid thingy…

“…and then you are in business and you are a millionaire tomorrow.”

Does it work like that?


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So I want to define network marketing 2.0. Before you understand it however, you need to understand traditional network marketing.

If you are looking for a way to make money from home, network marketing is something to look at. It’s a viable opportunity to look at.

It’s existed for decades, there are battles here and there, back and forth with people that consider it a an illegal scheme.

The United States of America say no, it’s not a scheme. It’s in fact a viable distribution channel.

Essentially people build a team of other people who want to make a little bit of money on the side from distributing a product.

There must be a viable product that will add value to other people’s lives. That could be a product, a service, and obviously in network marketing that will come with a money making opportunity.

That is traditional network marketing.

This is my story. Traditionally you join, and then you make a list of your friends and family, your loved ones, existing circle of influence.

If you have any influence you will be fine. The business attracts mostly people without influence which is a problem. Again in network marketing 2.0, we show you how to build your influence.

Traditionally, you start calling everyone on your little list to invite them over to a home meeting. You are supposed to set up a home meeting. Some people call it a private business reception–PBR.

Then you bring out one of your leaders, your upline or somebody above them, to come and do a quick presentation. They may use a DVD, they may not.

After they watch a DVD, of course like my case most people will say no. You may have one or two people that say yes, they pull out the credit card and join if you are lucky.

If you are like most people, some that join will disappear–even if they paid 500 dollars, one thousand, two thousand, five thousand dollars. Doesn’t matter to people.

That goes to tell you that money is not that important to people. What is more important to people is what money does for them. Their lifestyle. People sometime will pay for things, they will pay for shoes like ladies and never use them.

That’s real money that they use to pay for those things. That goes to tell you that it’s a little bit bigger than just about money. It’s about lifestyle.

Again, we’re talking about define-ing network marketing…

So back to calling family and friends to ask them is an extremely difficult thing to do for most people to do. Why? Because you care about how people perceive you.

Yes, you are trying to bring them into a business to make money for themselves, but then eventually you find yourself pressurizing people to listen to you.

Eventually, you find yourself going to your family and high school reunions always thinking about your business as opposed to socializing and connecting–that’s if you are one of the lucky ones that’s still in the business.

Most people quit within weeks. But you are trying to make it work. You may find yourself a couple of times saying this doesn’t work. Let me go online and find out what I can do to help my business.

…because all my family and friends are not interested in making more money.

You conclude like that if you are one of the lucky ones. If you don’t, your few team mates will and they will move on.

If you are one of the other type of unlucky and the unfortunate ones, you go into a witness protection and you didn’t even know it. That means you stop building the business, life just kind of happened.

3 months down the line you are asking what happened to X network?

“I need to take it serious”, you said…

Somebody sent you a e-mail that woke you up, and you’re excited. You wanted to get it going again, but then before the end of the day, you are weak, because you are just weak because you are human.

Can you relate?

If you are a real entrepreneur, you found your way to myEmpirePRO’s network marketing 2.0. You found out that this business is not just network marketing.

It’s about YOU building a business.

It’s about YOU building an empire.

It’s about building a profitable business.

It’s about building viable, profitable, and sustainable business.

It’s about serving people.

It’s about making profits from serving people

.. and then you say,

“you know what? All this time I have been busy talking to my family and friends, getting stuck on my own income that I want to make and then getting frustrated, as opposed to find people that already want what I have to offer.”

I’m not going to give that away. I call it something and you can find it in the workshop. Click on the banner below to register for it.

Anyway, you realized all of the sudden that there are people right now on Google searching. They are looking for a way to make money from home, and you are begging people to join your business.

What’s the prize? It’s not money, it’s lifestyle. It’s about charity, it’s about being a source of blessing to others, it’s about you having this opportunity to share a great information with the world.

Sharing a message with the world and you want to take the bait and run hard because you know that it’s a privilege. It’s not about the downlines. Downines come and go. It’s about building an empire

A downline can be a subset of an empire. An empire is bigger than a downline.

When you build an empire with the number one secret of it, which is self-branding, it’s all about legacy. The only thing that lasts forever is legacy. Downlines don’t last forever.

If you don’t crumble a downline yourself, the company will shut off; they will crumble it for you. If the company doesn’t, the product or the system will expire or will stop being the newest shiny thing;the newest shiny objects syndrome is real.

Then you find out, I need to take this serious, like a business. What does a business need? Customers, right? What does a business need? Customers.How do you get customers?

You get prospects first; you get people walking through the door first. How do you get people walking through the door first? You go where the traffic is.

There’s a lot of traffic online? Where are people hanging out? Where are your kids hanging out during dinner?

On their phone right? On the internet, using their mobile device.

How can I get my business in front of that? So the wussy one, the looky loo one will say, “Oh, that’s too much work, I’m not going to do it.”

But you and I will say, “No, this business means a lot. I’m going to make it work. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

“I’m sure it’s not that much of work. I just need to dedicate a little bit of time to master a few things and boom.”

The funny thing is that I could do this over and over in different businesses over in my sleep. 3 steps, okay? That’s the beauty of what we’ve got going on inside of the network marketing 2.0 PRO inner circle.

We’re in the 2.0 era, why? Because you and I don’t have a choice. You’re watching on consuming this information on some type of digital device.

We’re in the digital age. There’s nothing you can do about it other than to embrace it to build a massive empire. If you don’t build your business with respects to the year that you live in, you will struggle for a long time, if not forever.

I wanted to define network marketing but there’s no way I can define network marketing without defining 2.0.

Did you like this training? Cool… please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and share on Facebook, with your team and your circle of influence… HIGHLY appreciated.

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