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You are about to discover why I charge $25,000 or more for digital marketing depending on the level of service.

There are two reasons.

Reason #1: I want them to value what I’m about to be sharing with you in this series.

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Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people roaming around the Internet, and when you have availability and oversupply of information or anything for that matter,

What happens is that it becomes something that you don’t value as much, because it just seems like it’s everywhere.

But I want you to look a little deeper. Because at the end of the day, there are two ways about any form of training or training/services.

  • There’s width and 
  • There’s depth.

What this series is going to do is go in depth so that you can truly understand this for the long run.  It’s not another fly-by-night training or video.

I want you to understand that there’s a depth situation here.  

But in that same token, there will be thousands upon thousands of people that will be reading this book into the future. There’s only going to be few always that would take advantage of it.

And to find out who those few are can be very hectic and difficult.  Because again…

  • Everyone wants to make money.
  • And everyone wants to change their life.
  • Everyone wants to lose weight.
  • Also… Everyone wants to go to heaven.

But no one wants to die.

And what that means essentially is that there’s a lot of people that are looking to waste your time.  It doesn’t matter what it is.

So, for example this book we’re about to write right now will be made available for maybe less than $10.

The average person that picks up the book at $10 is not going to take it that seriously, not going to download the book and probably never open the book.

That’s just how life is but that means I still make money regardless.

So one of the ways we pre-qualify people to make sure that they will actually do the work….

Yes, work!

…The work to get the result that they’re looking for is to make sure that we charge as close as possible to what it’s worth when it comes to services that involves my personal time.

Digital marketing, to me, has been worth millions of dollars.

So for me charging $2, $3, $5 for anything is not doing my clients any favor. I personally can’t afford to be in the game and charging pennies when my personal time is involved. 

I simply won’t be able to sustain myself long enough to help the client get results.  It also devalues what I’m offering to the client.  

The cheaper it looks, the less value it feels to them. So that’s why I charge as much as possible.  And I’m saying average; that’s just average.  

Lower average… $25k for digital marketing services…  If I have to help you personally.

Let me tell you something about digital marketing.

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The beauty about what I just share with you is that it also allows you to understand that if you have something you do and you help people get results, you should value it.

How do you “value” it? What does that mean?

You need to put a price that’s respectable on it because think about it…

Anytime you go into the market and you see something for $2 or you see the dollar tree store, your mind assumes it’s or of low quality.

It’s the same thing with any one of these services.  Anytime you’re selling something for $2, $3 or $5, anything less than $100, the mind automatically assumes it’s inferior.

That’s why I charge as much as I can… 

As close as possible to what that service is actually worth to the people that I’m helping get results, 

…because the key thing is that I’m going to help them get results.

I’m not just gonna dump information on them and hope that they will get results. The truth of the matter is that, majority of people will not get results.

That’s just life.  That usually has nothing to do with the quality of the course.

And also, last but not the least,  I’m gonna leave you with this one.

#2 Reason: When people pay, they pay attention.

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My best clients are the people that paid the most money because they actually understand the value of digital marketing and lead generation for their business.

It’s literally of the business.

But the majority of customers will never get results because they never do the work; not all but majority.  My clients get results because they pay the price and they get results.

They pay the price, and they pay attention essentially.  And if they pay less, there’s nothing to lose.

If they paid $2-$20 for something.  It’s just $20 they’re losing at worst.  So it’s no wonder why they don’t take it seriously and do the work.

That’s why I charge $25,000. 

And if you have any kind of service that you offer too…

We’re talking clients now; I’m not talking about just customers.

Don’t charge less than $10,000 for anything involving your personal time that you offer that you know in your heart of hearts, you can help people get results.

Because if you do that, not only are you doing yourself a disservice, you’re not helping that person  because again if they don’t pay, they won’t pay attention.

How much should a digital marketer charge?

How much a digital marketer charges is a function of time involved in providing the service and market value of the service.

How do you price digital marketing?

Digital marketing pricing is a function of time involved in providing the service and market value of the service.

How much does freelance digital marketing cost?

How much a freelance digital marketing cost is a function of time involved in providing the service and market value of the service.

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