Do You NEED A LLC To Wholesale Real Estate?

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Question: “Do You NEED A LLC To Wholesale Real Estate?”

No, of course not.

Of course you don’t need a LLC to wholesale real estate.

You don’t need LLC to buy candy or to sell candy, you don’t need LLC to trade.

It’s just advisable at some point.

Once you start doing deals that you have the proper corporate structure based on your state and in your particular peculiar situation,

…to make sure you have those things in place so that you’re protected from unnecessary liabilities, that’s all it’s for.

LLC has never been a requirement to wholesale deals.

It has been only useful for you to protect yourself from liabilities when it comes down to just running the business.

Nothing particular about wholesale just running a business in general.

If you have a LLC, Limited Liability Company, that’s what it means.

It limits your liability but if you haven’t learned how to generate leads much less doing a deal and you haven’t done that consistently long enough,

There’s no reason for you to be stuck on that.

A lot of people get stuck on that.

Now, if you file your LLC, you created your logo and your websites, and you do all those things before you start to do deals,

…there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m just letting you know it doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna get paid.

Everything you just did is just maybe, hopefully for the future you find them useful,

But most LLCs that are created, did you know that are useless?

99.99% will never be used to make money.

That’s because LLC does not make money by themselves.

You use LLC to protect an existing business.

So the first thing you wanna learn is to learn marketing, learn sales, learn how to close some deals.

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Learn this process.

Learn this process and learn how to automate this process.

Then once you cause your first deal, then you can now start looking around, and you could literally go online and file a LLC.

It only cost $100 or so.

So if you close your first deal and then you file a LLC, it’s not too late, Okay?

But anybody that’s selling you LLC out there, maybe they’re selling you a package or something like that,

Of course they will tell you, and they will sell you on the idea that it should get those things in police.

It’s not necessarily true.

That’s coming from somebody who filed, I don’t know how many LLC I filed before I actually started making money,

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…but I’ll tell you right now, because we’re ambitious.

People like me who are ambitious from the very beginning.

So the first thing that comes to mind is, “you know what? Let me go from my company”

Even the first company that I formed, I did it all wrong anyway.

I think you should learn how the process works and learn how to market.

You learn how to generate leads, learn how to close deals, and then somewhere in between that you can find the time to file a LLC.

All those corporate structures, you will still find that once you start making a certain amount of money.

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You still have to talk to better experts and clean those things up anyway.

You still have to, that’s just the way it works.

So, Do you need a llc to wholesale real estate?

No, it’s not a requirement to wholesale real estate.

It has never been, it will never be.

You don’t have to worry about that.

I would rather spend my time learning how the market, learning the process and then executing my first call.

Setting up my first ad, generating my first lead, talking to the first lead and saying,

If I’m enjoying the process of talking to a homeowner, who can potentially sell to me”,

…that’s what you should be talking about right now.

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