“Driving for Dollars Work For Me…” LIES EXPOSED in Real Estate Wholesaling

Want to learn how to drive for dollars? Are you driving for dollars with your real estate wholesaling business?

SMH.. Does it work? I’ll wait.

Probably not and I’m going to tell you why it only worked for those 2 guys in the guru testimonial.

They were just lucky.

The reason why it hasn’t worked in your real estate wholesaling business is because luck doesn’t work everyday.

That’s why it’s luck.

If it worked everyday, then it would be a profitable real estate wholesaling strategy for everyone.

Another reason why you should NOT waste your resources on the driving for dollars strategy is because there is a 99% chance it still won’t work even if you did the work.

When you learn attraction marketing, it will work if you do the work 100% of the time.

Here are the 3 secrets to successfully running a S.M.A.R.T real estate wholesaling business in this digital era.

SECRET #1 – Get in Front of Massive Traffic of Buyers and Sellers; preferably buyers

SECRET #2 – Never spend money of marketing that doesn’t create living connection

SECRET #3 – Lead everything with your personal brand and value; ATTRACTION MARKETING

I discuss it in details on the video your find when you Google “How Does Real Estate Wholesaling Work? OLA”

In anyways, I talk about the disadvantages of spending your resources on driving for dollars as a strategy in details on this video.


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