5 Reasons to Find Real Estate Wholesalers for Your Team📍

There are lots of people who struggle for not understanding leverage; one of which is to find real estate wholesalers to join your network.

At the end of the day, we all start with limited resources but when you understand this lesson below, you are simply switching to the UNLIMITED.

So I want to give you 3 reason why a part of your resources, time, money and/or energy must be allocated towards finding other real estate wholesalers to add to your network.

find real estate wholesalers

(1) Accountability Partners

This is business can be hard when you don’t have others around you pursuing the same goals.

And this is especially true if you are just getting started; there are blind spots everywhere and many times, all you need is the perspective of an accountability partner.

With that being said, it doesn’t have to be a legal partner on paper; your partnership will be limited from deal to deal.

(2) Foots on Ground

A big part of your revenue will be from virtual wholesaling if you are doing this right in 2000&DIGITAL.

So you will find deals beyond your local jurisdiction and nationwide while you can only be in one place at a time.

As you know, you can even build a real estate wholesaling business from outside of the United States.

Other real estate wholesalers will become quite resourceful as you find and close deal around the nation.

(3) Mastermind

At the rate that civilization and technology continues to evolve,it’s important to surround yourself physically and virtually with sound minds who are also paying attention.

So in this context, a mastermind is a combination of minds to conquer the world of wholesaling and real estate investing at an exponential rate.

(4) Network

List building of end and cash buyers is a big ingredient of the business.

So there is no question that you should be building your very own list so that you can also bring some value into your network.

However with other real estate wholesalers in your network, you can move deals a lot faster; time is your most valuable resource anyway.

Check this out to learn how to build a list at scale…

(5) Net Worth

The bigger your network is, the higher your net worth tends to grow right?

That’s even better when you have a network of real estate wholesalers around the nation at your fingertips.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“I have a deal with a buyer who has a VA home loan.

He has a realtor representing him but he needs the house sold very quickly.

Check this out. I need some creative ideas here.

He has a 4 bed/2 bath 2 story home next to a pond and sits on 23 acres of land with timber rights.

He has $260,000 left on his mortgage and wants $300,000.

Problem is he has to sell all under the VA home loan.

He can’t part out the land. Is this deal dead in the water?

I would try to hard money the home to get the land and then try to sell the home with 5 acres and move to sell the remaining acres to some potential buyers.

But I will need some hard money lenders and a lot of creativity.

Would that work?”

Enjoy the video.

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How do I find wholesale real estate?

You can find wholesale properties by target marketing at potentially distressed property owners such as pre-foreclosures, tax delinquency, unwanted inheritances, tired landlord and etc.

How much do real estate wholesalers make?

It depends but particularly on how much of marketing and how skillful the wholesaler is as a marketer in a digital age.

A skillful wholesaler should be making no less than double 6 figures income once up and running with momentum.

Keep in mind; it is entrepreneurship. There is probably not going to be any paycheck next Friday as of yet.

How do Realtors work with wholesalers?

They both can work together as long as a wholesaler remains in the role of a buyer and nothing gets in the way of a realtors commission.

How can I buy real estate wholesale online?

Data is most efficiently generated online and you can also use online communication systems such as email, text messages and emails to facilitate a wholesale real estate deal.

How to Get Wholesale Real Estate Purchase Agreement

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