FLIPPING HOMES – How to Flip Homes in the DIGITAL Age

In this episode, I am not here to show you how to be flipping homes the way we knew how to do it traditionally.

You can basically Google your way on with other flipping homes videos out there if that’s what you want.

BUT Here; I want to share with you practical steps to flipping homes in the digital age.

Things have changed drastically since the digital evolution and it would be naive to think that the same rules apply.

Within the scope of this episode, you will learn 5 elements you must have in order to thrive in flipping homes in the digital age.

1. Information

This is the hottest, cheapest and the most expensive commodity in the digital age; information.

It’s the best tool that you can acquire cheaply and offer lucratively while simultaneously building a massive brand that will attract closed deals into your life.

While everyone else is trying to sell and find the deals, the best thing you can do in the digital age is to become an information dealer.

What does this have to do with flipping homes?

Flipping homes require marketing to identify deals of distressed real estate properties from motivated sellers, acquiring or helping an investor acquire it, fixing and adding value to the property and selling it for a profit.

Traditionally, the way to find such deals is direct mailing to pre-foreclosures, vacant properties, knocking on doors, driving for dollars and other old school marketing strategies.

Because of technology, people are responding to marketing quite differently and you will lose money following that old path.

Therefore, information, content marketing and brand marketing is easier than ever before and it is the gateway drug to digital age opportunities.

Particularly, we leverage information technology to build a brand that attracts real estate opportunities by adding value first, making money second to fund perpetual marketing and then closing deals for pure 100% profits.

2. Relationship

Since people have more choices than ever before via the internet, it is now more important now than ever before to have quality relationship at the core of any business model including flipping homes for a living.

3. People

This is a case of “the last but not the least.”

If you are not focused on attracting people (motivated sellers and qualified buyers), you don’t have a business.

More importantly, your business is not recession proof because even if recession hits again, your focus on serving the need and desires of your audience of people will sustain your business in any economy environment.

4. Automation

Automation is not something you can afford to frown at in the digital age because time is of the essence.

Everyone including your customers and clients wants products, services and more importantly, information, delivered faster, easier and simpler… right to their smart phone.

5. Leverage

Again, getting things done in a more effective and efficient manner in less time, money and resources than it use to take is the digital age key.

That’s where leverage becomes very useful.

If leverage doesn’t get on your priority, you will be out of business in less than 6 months if you aren’t already.

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