Flipping Houses – No Money, No Experience Necessary

How To Get Rich Flipping Houses?

The way you get rich flipping houses is to build a lead pipeline. This is something I covered extensively in the book.

In this book, I covered quite a bit of stuff but the book surrounds the idea of the 3 Core Pillar.

  1. Value.
  2. Automation.
  3. People.

Money doesn’t come from properties, it comes from people. Yes, we’re in the real estate business.

But if you can’t get a hold of the people that control the real estate property, you’re wasting time…. Continue Reading How to Get Rich Flipping Houses

How Much I Make Flipping Houses?

Continue Reading “How much I make flipping houses?”

I have my full blown story, starting from 2004 December, there is a video that I’m going to suggest that you watch.

All you wanna do is simply google “Wholesaling 101 Ola”.

How do I begin flipping houses?”

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How do I get started?”

“How do I begin?”

“Where do I start from?”

“How do I start from…?”

That’s why I created the 11DaysChallenge.com


Because there are tons of gurus selling $25,000, $5000, or $1,000 programs out there basically;

…talking head teaching you all the definitions there is to know about real estate. Continue Reading… How do I begin flipping houses.

Flipping houses is nice. But it is a lot more profitable when you build teams and systems around it. Discover one of the biggest pitfalls of team building; babysitting.

This is very common in team buildings You always have that person that come inside your team and just whine about everything.

They ask questions about every little thing. Some of these answers can easily be found by “Googling” it. They would rather alt everything and wait to ask you.

See? You are not in the business of motivating. Let’s be clear about that.

Your results and lifestyle may motivate people; sure. But you need to spend your resources, time and money talking to already motivated individuals.

You are not in the business of babysitting; you need to be talking to grown adults and people that act like grown adults.

I am going to tell you the truth right now.

Unfortunately, many people that will join your team will not act like grown adults.

Most will cry and whine about every little thing, every challenges and everything that happens just like in any other profession.

It’s inevitable. It will happen.

The solution goes back to easy entry and easy exit. Don’t get attached.

Question from the Viewer

“I got burnt out Ola. I’ve seen your other videos on the importance of building a dream team in the name of leverage.

I agree but my experience is making me rethink things. Hopefully you can relate and help me with your advice.

I find that delegating creates additional and harder work for me. I chose to start delegating because I wanted to reduce my workload but sadly, I just end up with double job.

Is there a secret or 2 that you can share on delegating and outsourcing without creating more excruciating work for myself. I still need more help so I don’t have the choice of going backwards here.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you really flip houses with no money?

Yea. You can flip houses with no money. What that simply means is that you will have to invest time and sweat equity to build cash.

What is the 70% rule in house flipping?

It’s a boundary set by investors to account for profit goals and cost associated with the business of real estate investing when scouting for deals.

They simply multiply the after repair value (ARV) of a target subject property by 70% and adjust the product for repair cost estimate. (70% x ARV) – Repairs = Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)

How much money do you need to start flipping houses?

You can get in the business of flipping houses for less than $1,000.

However, there is no cost too much for a proper coaching and mentorship when an average deal can net you a profit of $25,000 or more. My personal highest is $82,000.

How can I flip a house with no experience?

With education, coaching and mentorship, you can effectively tap into other people’s experience (OPE) just like you can tap into other people’s money. (OPM)

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