004: DISCOVER the highest converting prospects to attract for your business – Network Marketing Leads

Clearly, you get it!

You are 100% aware that the network marketing leads are the bloodline (i.e life) of your business. So congratulations to you because most people in the network marketing profession are still trying to figure our why they are struggling.

In this episode, there are a couple of things that I want to point out to you with regards to network marketing leads generation.

As a matter of fact, I will give you simple step-by-step to generating 20 – 30 leads per day online.

What is network marketing leads?

All sales related profession feed off lead generation activities. Essentially, a lead is a potential customer.

But technically speaking, a lead is a contact information to a potential customer for the purpose of follow up.  (Your customers on average need up to 7 exposures before buying.)

That’s how much technical you really need to get–for those who are quick to disclaiming your technical abilities.

Can you master the simple concept of collecting potential customer or business partner’s contact information in exchange for a valuable information?

That’s a ‘YES’.

That concept has nothing to do with computers or codes. It’s a timeless concept that has made many people billions of dollars. It’s your turn so pay attention.

Like I was saying, a lead is the contact information of a prospect. The type of contact information has obviously evolved over time.

A few decades ago, your network marketing leads would be a list of phone numbers. Even few decades before that, the million dollar opportunities were in physical addresses for snail mails only.

Fast forward to 2015: Today, you can build a multiple million dollar business from home with collecting simple email addresses in exchange for valuable information that are sent to the emails.

Everything is mobile… people check their emails on the go. If you are one of the 5% of network marketing who are real entrepreneurs…

…the opportunity in collecting network marketing email leads are endless for you.

The problem that network marketing leads online generation face now is that the gooroos have complicated the whole process with technical jargon. My goal in this episode is to simplify it for you.

These are the 3 simple things you need for simple network marketing leads generation online:

1. Lead Magnet

This is a free valuable gift usually containing information that will enhance the life and business of your ideal prospect. A good network marketing leads magnet requires a little bit of creativity.

What is it that keeps your prospect up at night with regards to achieving related desired results? Insider information about results or resources needed to achieve the result can always be a good lead magnet.

They want it and you want their email address. Is that simple or what?

If you don’t have the information, step up as a leader and do the research.  That’s how you become a champion–the willingness to become more valuable to the world.

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2. Lead Capture Page

This is a simple webpage that further states what you possess that your prospects already want. Somewhere visible on the lead capture page is a box where your prospect can enter their email address and click submit.

Why would your prospect give you their email address?

These days people look at their email address like their social security number. They are skeptical in giving  it away because a recent study shows that an average person gets 147 emails per day.

So to submit their email address into some random form online, they really have to want what is on the other side of the lead capture page form.

Therefore it is your responsibility as a marketer to create a compelling lead magnet offer. Every time a person clicks submit on a valid email address, a lead is born.

Let’s put some real numbers to these thing….

These are my numbers. With my last project, the value of every lead generated was $14 per lead. Generally, it costs below $5 to generate a lead.

Let’s calculate the R.O.I on that. [(14-5) ÷ 5] x 100 = 180% Return on Investment.

Essentially, every time I invested $1 into my business, I get $1.80 cents back.

Did you know that if you have a mere 30% returns in 1 year as a broker on wall street, you are a king? This is what happens when you become a student of network marketing leads generation online.

On an average over time, each lead is worth $1 monthly residual income in my business. You can pretty much print money legally. This is clearly not the case if you get stuck on chasing and stalking family and friends around your family reunions.

3. Email Autoresponder

This is a tool that we consider your 1st pillar in a network marketing 2.0 driven business. If you don’t have it, your business will be miserable.  Attend our next free webinar workshop at this link.

It’s a tool that automatically follows up with your new subscribers even while you are sleeping. You also have the liberty to broadcast in real time or scheduled to your list of subscribers.

When you build your list of network marketing leads as you should, you are building it into a database that comes with your autoresponder. The list is primarily a major asset in your business.

The autoresponder forms are embedded behind the scenes on your lead capture page to collect emails for you. The whole process is mostly automated. Some people call this tool the CRM which is acronym for customer relations management software.

People join people; not companies. People only do business with people they ‘feel like’ they like, know and trust (LKT).

The email autoresponder allows you to reverse engineer LKT into your business by building relationship for you with your value as programmed by you.

What makes it sweet is that you don’t have to be there physically to build these relationships.  Think LEVERAGE!

As you continue to build your business, you will find out that spin offs of new related project start to come alive. Then you will need to generate leads again.  But check this out…

Because you are building a perpetually growing list of leads, you can now generate free leads that are targeted for your new projects from your existing lists.

A new project is just another way to serve your existing subscribers.

This is the only 100% true way to generate free network marketing leads. Other ways are a simple myth unless of course you don’t value your time.

There are a couple of other things you need to monetize this simple process of network marketing leads generation. Some of them are:

Self Liquidating/Trip wire Offer – Something cheap enough to turn a prospect into a customer. It allows you to serve immediately in exchange for a fee that you can re-invest back into marketing to keep the machine running.

Without this, you can go broke trying to build a business. Selling your network marketing opportunity on the front would usually result in going broke eventually too.

WordPress Blog – This is platform that allows you to give massive value, build credibility and authority for your business.

It’s make sales 100% easier. It also attracts free traffic from Google and other search engines over time. This FREE webinar workshop cover that in details.

Traffic – You need people. They are the customers. They have your money once you serve them. In fact, the people are the network marketing leads.


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