5 “HIDDEN” Secrets to Staying Motivated in Virtual Wholesaling

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In this lesson, you will discover 5 little known secrets of staying motivated in your virtual wholesaling journey… gurus won’t share this with you.

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Let’s get into it.

Now here are the 5 secrets to staying motivated and committed to the journey of learning and closing your first deal.

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Secret #5 – Keep Your Day Job

I know the gurus have probably sold you on the dream of quitting your job.

But let me tell you that the goal is not necessarily to quit your job but to replace your existing income.

I want you to focus on creating that option first and then you don’t have to worry about unpaid bills chasing you down the streets and taking you off your decision making base.

Secret #4 – Focus On Leads Generation

Most people conflict deals with leads. 

But one has to come before the other.

When you learn how to generate quality leads of motivated sellers perpetually, the whole industry will worship you.

Don’t worry about contracts, title companies or legalities until you’ve mastered leads generation.

A business without perpetually flowing leads is a dead business.

Secret #3 – Follow A System

As humans, it’s cute when we make commitments in moments of excitement.

But the real test comes when it is time to follow through with honoring the commitment you made..

Commitment is the act of saying you will do something and doing it long after the mood that you set it in has left you.

Consistency is even harder.

So you can’t count on your ability to commit, and stay motivated. Instead, I want you to position yourself for consistency with systems.

For example, our 11 days challenge system follows the 5 stages wholesaling system from data to deals.

We set it up that way because we know that it’s easier to stay motivated when you are following a step-by-step system.

You can find it at www.11DaysChallenge.com 

Secret #2 – Identify The Purpose

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If you haven’t gone through this school, everything you attempt will fail.

Nothing in life and especially in business stands without a strong purpose behind it.

Some call it the “WHY”.

Find and identify your purpose.

Money as a purpose doesn’t count because everyone wants more money and still somehow has a difficult time with staying motivated and showing up consistently.

Secret #1 – Hire A Coach

I may come off as a little biased here because I am a coach…

But I want you to hire a coach for anything you consider worthwhile and want to do.

The reality is that when people don’t pay, they don’t pay attention.  

Sure you can watch enough YouTube videos until you close your first deal but probably not.

The investment is always worth it because it will save you time; your most valuable asset.

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