2 “discrepancies” in the home based business network marketing model–you must know this….

I have something pretty interesting that I want to share with you. There’s a discrepancy in the home based business network marketing arena, and I want to address it, right now.

Okay, we’ll call it home based business. Right?

Okay, let me give you this scenario. You commute to work at around 9 o’clock in the morning. You’re done somewhere around 4:30. And then you have to go to a home meeting.

One of your team members, or sidelines, or up lines, or down line is doing the home meeting, and you need everybody to come and support.

Even if you’re already in the business already, you want to be able to support. And yes, you should support. I totally agree. But then you ask yourself now after finishing the home meeting. One person just got started in that person’s home business.

…And then, at the end of that day, you’d been out of the house since 8:00 o’clock in the morning. You look at your business. Nothing has happened in your business that day.

You have not served anybody.

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Now you have a person that called you–a team member, and they’re excited. They wanted to 3 way call somebody into you. You got on the phone with that person, and then because you’re not doing this game on the regular, you’re not taking charge.

You find yourself stammering stuttering. Before you know it, you blew it. The prospect did not join your team member’s team. You blames it all on yourself.

This is the discrepancy in home based business, network marketing.

Sometimes people get lost in the, “is it quality or quantity?”. Is it about how I talk to that person? Is it about the quality of my presence when I’m talking, my communication skills, or is it about how many people I’m talking to?

I want to sort that out right now. I want to clean that up for you, and help you rearrange, re-align or re-focus your focus where it needs to be.

I don’t know how many video this will be that I’ve done. It’s a minimum of 300. Let’s just say like that. It’s not close to 300. It’s way more than that. But I haven’t counted since 300 videos.

That’s what I’m trying to say.

But you can rest assure that I’m a lot better communicating on this video, through this medium, this audio or podcast, than I was years ago. You can rest assured about that.

But you know we are home based network marketing business. But of course, we all forget at first. Right? Reps think they’re going to church. Everybody’s okay. We’ll go to the home meetings. We’ll have fun. We eat some chips and everybody’s happy.

Somebody recruited someone, and let’s keep going, never quit. And of course, I support never quit. Okay, because quitters are always losers. But here’s the deal.

At what point are we all going to wake up and say enough is enough. Even if you’re doing well in your business, if you don’t have team mates that are doing just as well as you are, your business will crumble, eventually.

So, the more people you have in your team, duplicating, the more sustainable it is. Let me also say, the more master minded, people on your mastermind team and the more quality they are, the better.

So which one?

Is it the more people you have recruited into your home based business network marketing downline, or the more quality of people in your mastermind?

I’m choosing the latter because it’s not about the downline. In my opinion, everyone in this world is my downline. That’s how I feel. Not to say I’m on top of the world and I’m on top of everybody.

I’m just saying there’s something I can do to serve you. There’s something I can do to serve anyone in this world. That’s just my perspective. It’s not necessarily right and wrong. It’s just my perspective.

So, I feel like anyone can end up in my down line. As long as I can bring some value to their lives, that’s why they will come into my downline.

So, that brings me to some more discrepancies that I feel like is missing in the home based business network marketing industry. It’s as simple as this–Value recruiting. Value based recruiting.

Just recruit. Right? Just ask them are they open to making money outside of what they do? So, if you ask them that question, right? Are they really paying attention, or are they just thinking make money?

When you ask that question, are you asking one person or are you asking 1,000 people at the same time? Okay, so, now we’re talking quality and quantity value based recruiting.

So, where is most of the value lying? Is it in the quantity or in quality?

So, my answer to that question is this. It’s in both.

You know, the scripture says,

“Hope deferred makes the heart weak.”

If you’re not bringing in people fast enough with speed and momentum into your business, that’s going to discourage you–no matter how much of a macho man you think you are.

If enough people are not duplicating in your business, that’s going to discourage you. Forget that. What about the people around you? In the most sub-conscious way, lack of speed and momentum in growth is going to discourage them.

Do you know why? Growth is attractive. Numbers are attractive.

Let’s look at your favorite artist.

Which one is going to get more views on YouTube? The one with 2,000,000 views or the one with 200,000 views? That is not a trick question. The one with 2,000,000 views will get more.

Who do you think has a higher chance of getting richer? The rich people, or the poor people?

Regardless of what kind of program Obama, or Bush, or anybody has in place, or your President in the year that you’re watching me, or what country you’re watching me in is… Regardless of the program, who do you think is going to get richer?

Regardless of… if it’s the socialist, communist, or capitalist system? Who is going to get richer? The rich people, or the poor people?

I think you get the point.

The point I’m trying to make is this. You need both quality and quantity

You cannot have quantity unless you have quality. It’s impossible. However, having quality does not guarantee you’re going to have quantity. That’s something no one is saying.

If everyone could just be on their best quality behavior and get rich, everyone would be doing it, right? But hey, this is a game. This is the game of life and entrepreneurship. That means you have to learn how to play it too.

That means you have to invest sometime, and possibly money, into learning how to play the game. So, if you have quality, how can you orchestrate your way into building quantity.

You know that quantity is even more attractive to the quality people you have so they can stick around. It makes it easier and it excites them. It encourages them to keep going. It encourages YOU to keep going.

No matter how much of a self-motivated person you think you are, when you see numbers, it encourage you. It EXCITES you.

Is it quality? Is it quantity?

You need both in building a thriving team in home based business network marketing.

I’m going to tell you like this. Right now, in 2016, we have the ability. We have the same leverage power that Donald Trump or President Obama has. We have access to the same resources such as social media.

What is the mainstream media? That is not a trick question. It is social media. All the “mainstream” get all their news from the social media. Very simple. So, the mainstream media is social media.

Guess who have access to social media? Guess who have a Facebook profile for free? Right? A Twitter profile, Instagram, a YouTube Channel? Guess who? YOU.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Australia and extreme part of the world. Everything changes when realize that the best way to market today is through the internet. Have you paid attention to how obsolete the yellow book directory has become?

Now the question is that, how can you learn this game to use all those resources to your advantage to build your business?

So the misconstrued thing going on in home based business and network marketing is this. It’s just quality. No, it’s not. It’s both. You need both because you will quit on yourself if you don’t get both.

You need speed in your home based network marketing business. You need momentum because success love speed. That’s what I have for you today on this particular episode. Hopefully, you’re enlightened. You’re educated. And uh, I will see you on the next episode. Peace.

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