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House Flipping Business Plan [A $10K – $20K Per Deal Plan]

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In this video, I reveal 7 questions you must answer in order to create a profitable House Flipping Business Plan.

1. WHO

I know that house flipping involves a seller on one side and a buyer on the other side.

But that’s not good enough. You have to be definitive about WHO you can add value to and help solve a problem


What problem are you trying to solve for a motivated seller and for an end buyer who may be a savvy investor or a first time buyer?

3. WHY

Why should a prospect sign a contract to sell you a property?

The only way to get access to this information is by listening to the seller tell you a story.

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn how to get them telling you the WHYs and how to use to close them on signing the contract.


In the video, I talked about how to create and design a business that essentially make ‘NOW’ the right time and when people should do business with you perpetually.

YES… the time may not always be right for your prospects but I talk about how to make the timing right… as in right now.


We also discuss the right place to do business in the digital age; Should you have an office and is it important at all?

You need to take notes in this part because a lot of newbie are making mistakes with this; it’s a bit related to the WHEN.

6. HOW

It’s time to talk about HOW the WHOs will be able to get access to these fantastic solution that you bring to the table.

In the video, I give you my personal advice where I think you should focus in the house flipping business model because it gives the best chances to add value quickly to the game and make money.


One of the best things about the house flipping business is the fact that it doesn’t cost either of your prospects (seller or buyer) a dime to sign up for your services.


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