How Do You Find The CORRECT Owner’s NUMBER And EMAIL?

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Question: “How Do You Find The CORRECT Owners NUMBER And EMAIL?”

So how do you find the owner’s record or contact information?

That’s a good question.

First of all, it’s called skip tracing and there are services everywhere.

We’ll cover that in our training but if you search for skip tracing online,

If you search for skip tracing on Google there’s tons of services that will come up.

Some of them will charge you.

Actually, we had the service at one point, but we stopped, we discontinued it.

It was at, like 7 cents, but you have to do a minimum of 300.

But there are services for 15 cents per record, 20 cents per record.

Basically what happens is that you upload a list of data, you upload it into whatever skip tracing system they want, you send it to them and they go out there.

They have a machine that goes out there and searches around the Internet for these people’s contact information, they search for cell phone numbers.

Some of them search for email addresses, some of them search for landlines and stuff like that, and then it comes back.

That’s the concept of it.

You upload the list or if you have a service like the service I recommend for you, it has everything in one spot and basically just run it.

And then they, like within 10 minutes they come back with a bunch of phone numbers up to 80% accurate phone numbers, and you could do whatever you want with that.

As well as email addresses.

So just follow the 11 Days Challenge step by step, those things are covered.

I wanted to show you this.

Here’s a quick one in for you guys.

I see a lot of people try to solve problems that don’t exist.


The image above is essentially the five stages of the business of real estate investing.

It starts with data.

Now we’re talking in the digital age, so everything starts with DATA because when I tell you,

…a list of potential target properties, that will essentially be data.

If you drive around town, you bought into the idea that you could just drive around town and write down addresses.

What you’re doing is you’re stuck on stage one, and you’re doing it the most expensive way, when you could do it for pennies on the internet.

So just keep that in mind.

And you’re so far away from stage five, which is where money is created, and you’re wasting most of your time doing that.

The question that Ken just asked,

How do you find the correct owners number and email?

…is essentially stage number 2.

It’s partly stage number 2.

Depending on the kind of strategy you wanna go by.

Do you wanna go with the reactive or you wanna go with the proactive?

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I have personally preferred what people may consider reactive.

They’re not reactive they just allow me to be able to track my activities and put all my resources in the places where they are most likely to give me the best return on investment.

So I like when people reach out to me that “hey, I have a house to sell” or they fill out a form online.

I prefer that personally, but there’s no rules that say it must be that way.

Text messages still work but you just kinda have to have the skill set of going through numbers.

It’s still a numbers game, right?

You’re gonna go through a lot of numbers, it’s gonna be a lot more hectic,

But it’s doable where people say “yes, what’s your offer?”.

Just keep in mind that when people are asking you “what’s your offer?”,

It’s not the best position to be, and you need to have the skill set to flip that around on them,

…we’re gonna talk about that more in a second here.

What I was saying is that, each one of these stages represents a new problem that you have to solve.

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And you’re solving a problem all the way to stage five.

A lot of people are asking questions, they are roaming around the Internet looking for a contract.

And you don’t know how to create contact and generate leads first.

They don’t even know that they’re supposed to do leads.

Inside of the book I created “Smart Real Estate Wholesaling”, chapter 3 is all about DATA.

You cannot build a business in this time and age without understanding how data plays a role.

You will fail because basically the competition is ahead of you.

I know when I say data, it sounds digital and sounds like something that’s technical, but it’s not.

As a matter of fact as I’m talking to you right now, I’m collecting data,

…and I’m using that to determine where I spend more and more of my resources, including the time I sit down here talking to you,

…including what kind of videos I should do, what kind of training I should do.

We’re measuring all of that.

The same thing is applicable in the wholesaling business when you’re marketing.

Where are you spending your time?

Where are you spending your marketing dollars?

Is it generating the kind of return on investment that is meaningful?

Or as compared to the other options that you have?

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