How Do You Get Wholesaling PROOF Of FUNDS?

I don’t worry about proof of funds and I’ve never had to provide proof of funds… Try this to get a free proof of funds download…

When my brother started to partner with me, he did not believe me because I was in the business a few years before he joined me as a partner,

And when I told him to stop wasting time on people that ask for proof of funds.

He would say, “Well, yeah, but you never know”.

I said, “bro, I do know there’s a chance that it’s a deal that I’m about to lose.

…but what I can’t afford to lose is taking time and effort away from my marketing because that’s the pipeline”.

That’s the pipeline that feeds the beast.

I can’t afford that.

Now… we’re talking about running this as the business.

Listen, every time you take your eyes off of that one little thing, you could potentially be losing money.

There’s a case that could be made of course that “Hey, you may be losing money. Why don’t you try to talk to them?”.

Let me give you an example.

Sometimes I get emails from people, they want to talk to me before they buy the 11DaysChallenge and I say, “We don’t”.

We can answer a few text messages that have to do with the sales process.

“Is the page broken? It did not accept your payment form or your credit card declined or something,”

Some people insist…

“No, I have to talk to him” and I say “no I don’t have to talk to you. You can actually make a choice to go somewhere else. I only talk to my customers”.


It’s not because I’m being extra-super-arrogant in any form.

It is because the one thing that we all don’t have enough of is time.

And if I sit down here and start talking to 200 people every day that have never bought anything for me,

…basically I am also teaching them unproductive activities.

That’s essentially what I’m doing because I don’t do the snake oil sales thing.

What I do proves itself.

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If I’m talking to you like this, you can tell if I know what I’m saying or not.

If I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a free world; you can just simply move on.

And I don’t mean that with any kind of disrespect.

It could be a very legit thing like “I don’t feel him and I don’t trust him”, it could be extremely legit and that’s okay.

That’s where I personally believe that the world is moving.

Just Transparency, Service, the first core pillar that I covered in the book, which is VALUE,

…if I bring you value, that’s all I want you to care about.

It could be entertainment value by the way…

There’s some other channels that have that entertainment value, not just a talking head like I do in my videos.

They tend to get a lot more attraction, and that’s okay.

That’s the value they bring but it’s the way that everyone pays their own due. Everyone has to pay their due, right?

So that’s what I’m saying when it comes to a seller asking you to bring your proof of funds,

Or you asking, How do you get wholesaling proof of funds?

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Isn’t that a testament that that seller may not be motivated enough for what you are actually trying to do?

What you’re trying to do is try to get a house at a discount.

…Significant discount that it would make sense for you to lock it under contract and sell the equitable rights to an investor that can actually make money from the deal.

If a person is asking for proof of funds and you entertain them,

…you run around town looking for proof of funds for the next 3 days and you found one and you gave it to them.

Now they’re gonna ask you,

“Who’s this bank?

How do I verify this bank?”

…all that kind of craziness that won’t serve anyone.

You’re engaging in the conversation when you can actually engage in conversations with 2000 people at the same time, by learning a few marketing skill sets.

The right-people, targeted market, not people that are vetting you or confused if they wanna work with you or not.

So, How do you get wholesaling proof of funds?

My advice to you is this,

Focus on attracting the right people; there’s enough people in the world that would gladly accept your services and the value that you bring to the marketplace.

Find those people.

What does it take to find those people?

Marketing skills.

Find those people and continue to bring them the most value you can bring them.

If a person is asking for proof of funds, there’s a good chance they’re not motivated, and I don’t waste my time on them.

If you insist on getting wholesaling proof of funds so you can show everyone…

…all you have to do is Google “proof of funds for wholesaling”, there’s a ton of them that comes up.

There are hard money lenders that will give you proof of funds just for the sake or heck of it.

They don’t care.

They don’t check your credit because they’re hoping one day you bring them some kind of business.

It’s just a piece of paper saying you have access to $2 million.

You’re gonna show it to them and then hopefully they will sign your contract and not ask you further impossible questions.

There’s a good chance, a very high chance that they still won’t sign,

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…because again, you’re teaching them this unproductive behavior against your processes.

For wholesale in particular, house flipping or this as a business, you don’t wanna be going through that.

You need motivated sellers.

They have a piece of property that they don’t want anymore so they need to get rid of it.

There’s a contract to sign.

They actually don’t mind if you steal the house away from them.

Those are the people that you’re looking to deal with.

So hopefully that answered your question.

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