How Does Real Estate Wholesaling Work?

How Does Real Estate Wholesaling Work? In this episode, I am revealing 3 secrets to ensure that, not only will you make real estate wholesaling work for you but it will work predictably.

First of all, if the skeleton on the workflow below. You find and identify motivated sellers, then find qualified buyer and you become the facilitator of a wholesale deal.

Motivated Seller ? Real Estate Wholesaler ? End Buyers

But that’s easier said than done. Most wholesaler can’t find deal right now because they don’t know this 3 secrets below.

SECRET #1 – Get in Front of Massive Traffic of Buyers and Sellers; preferably buyers

Isn’t that where McDonald and Burger King position their machine? You need to be doing same thing especially considering it’s the cheapest way for you to build your business now.

SECRET #2 – Never spend money of marketing that doesn’t create living connection.

Most people spend their money, time and resources on creating dead connection.

That means there is no way to continue to connect with prospects they attract in the marketing unless they spend money again.

It’s a great way to go broke in this digital age.

SECRET #3 – Lead everything with your personal brand and value; ATTRACTION MARKETING

People buy from people; most importantly people they feel like they know like and trust.

That’s the way forward if you don’t want to be out here crying that you can’t find deals.


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