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How Much Money Can You Make Wholesaling Real Estate?

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More importantly, I want to talk about how much money can you make wholesaling real estate in this digital age?

Direct mail letter barely works and all the wholesalers are fighting over the bread crumbs left after all the smart marketers have taken all the motivated sellers.

Wholesalers are left with each other calling each other from fake postings of non-existing properties on craigslist.

Many of them are stuck with 2005 strategies sold to them by hotel gurus and they wonder how come there is no deals.

What is the solution to getting in front of motivated sellers with no competition and buyers that actually close?

What's realistically available money to be made in this digital age?

$7,000 per deal, $2,000.... or $82,000; which was my highest ever?

It's time to shift strategies... WATCH THIS SESSION TO SEE.

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“So Real Estate Wholesaling not illegal in my State”

First I join a local real estate investor association meetup and ask that question.

It's a great way to build you buyers list and your brand in your local area. It makes JV'ing with you in the future easier as well.

If what you are doing is helping distressed and motivated seller off load a non-performing asset, you are safe.

If you go posting properties that you have under contract for sale on Craigslist, that's brokerage and in any state, you require a license to do that.

Getting a license does not hurt your career... it takes a few weeks only adds to your exit strategies.

Most houses will not pass the 65% ARV test. Just new opportunities...

"What is the contract called?"

It's a Standard Real Estate Sales Agreement with Assign and/or clause so you can assign it to others.

"How do you get the contract?"

Google it and ask your coach for a copy.

"How do you sale this pitch to ppl who own the house?"

You target distressed and motivated sellers. There is no need to sell as you are there to relieve them of the stress that the ownership home brings.

"Seems way like we need more information and education on this."

Yes, education is on-going perpetually because this is 99% about marketing skills than it is about contracts or legalities. People evolve in the way that they respond to marketing information so you need to learn fundamentals and how it evolves in general. You need to learn how to market in the year and era that you live in.

so how do i find people wanting to buy my property

Learn digital marketing and build a list of aspiring and existing investors perpetually.

The list will become as asset... damn near the most important asset in your business...

More important that real estate itself.

HINT: Most people following real estate investing gurus have no business trying to flip. Most of them should be buying to hold on to cash flowing rentals.

You can build a list of such people from Facebook Ads, YouTube (content marketing), and even Instagram.

Easy stuff... You can master the skill in 6 weeks. 🙂

Once more thing... cash buyers are awesome but even better when you don't put them on a pedestal.

If a buyer is buying their 1st home or the 1,000th investment property, it doesn't matter. Put them all on the same list and serve them with value, content and available wholesale properties.

Treat them all with respect... EQUALLY.

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