I MADE $25,000 DOING NOTHING📍 Real Estate Wholesale

QUESTION ⁉️ “It took me 9 months of failure and hard learning to close my first deal. I knew nothing about wholesaling houses.

After 9 months I finally got a buyer and a seller so I’m thinking it’s finally going to happen for me.

Unfortunately, I was working with a realtor and forgot that they take out 3%. Got to the closing table and only got 0.88 cents.

I was so pissed then I saw how happy the seller was and I have come to realize that it wasn’t all about me.

It was about helping people. The seller really needed to sell the house because they were moving out of town and he didn’t have no job.

So I felt a little better about the situation.

But I had another house under contract at the same time with a JV that was set to close 2 weeks later; and this time I made more money $3,750.

I share this story because all of the BS I put up with fake buyers, sellers selling the property to somebody else while you have a contract with them and bad closing I experienced.

But I never gave up.

Wanting to help people and leave the 9-5 kept me doing this and now it’s finally paying off. PRAY AND NEVER QUIT!! 🙏✊😇

How can I make this experience better?”


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