How to Finance House Flipping

In this episode, I will break down the best way to finance your house flipping business using the “Smart Business Empire” strategy.

– Personal Cash

This involves using your own personal cash to fund the acquisition and rehabilitation of the property.

– Hard Money

This is probably the most expensive for of funding for a house flipping deal where they charge anywhere from 12-18% for funding a deal based how profitable the deal is.

– Private Money

This may involve your own personal money but it is not limited to your own money.

It may involve private funds from other people such as family, friends and other types of acquintance.

– FHA 203K

This is a government backed loan designed for owner’s occupied properties that need rehab or construction.

– JV (Joint Venture)

This is a type of funding that doesn’t just involve funding partnership but a ver involved and invested partner who cares about profitable completion of the rehab project.

– Guaranteed Funding

This type of funding is available for less than 48 hours in double closing and assignment type of house flipping deal where they typically charge 1% for the use of the money.


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