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How to Find Investors for House Flipping to Pay you $10K-$20K Per Deal

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Would you like to know how to find investors for house flipping and your real estate wholesaling business?

I’ll show you how but before I do that… let me share a big mistakes that most people make while trying to find investors that makes them work in vein.


There is no such thing as cash buyers in a thriving real estate wholesaling business.

I know the gurus have told you that they have a network of people with cash who will buy all the deals that you find.

If you have been in this business long enough, you’ve found out that it’s a BIG LIE; 99.99% of “cash buyers” will not buy your deals.

But that’s not the end for you…

I’ve come up with a solution that can help you find “ACTUAL/END buyers that will buy your deals without the often non-realistic requirement of 65% of the After Repair Value.

What’s the solution…


You ever growing list is the most important asset of your real estate wholesaling and house flipping business next to time.

When you build your own list, you will be able to…


Because you will have the ability to solve the problem of most people in the marketing place of real estate.

There is on thing that everyone needs more of; that’s more buyers.

When you have an ever growing list of buyers and qualified buyers, all the rest of the people in the business will flock to your feet to help them out and you can simply charge a fee for that.

Also, the people on your list will value consultation from you personally that you can choose to charge money for or not.

The bottom line is that you can create revenue from the activity of nurturing people, nurturing relationship with them and connecting them to valuable deals.

Another opportunity that you can attract is…


You can partner with many others and you can even create multiple layers of partnerships that leads to more revenue, more jobs and opportunities for the population at large.

…all because you know how to build a list of ever growing buyers as opposed to depending on CASH BUYERS that will never deliver.


The most effect and efficient way to build a massive and ever growing list of buyers in this time and age is via digital marketing and learning how to generate online traffic.

Everyone is hanging out online and waiting as we speak for your very own unique and branded offer in exchange for their contact information so you can build your list and market to them for free anytime you need to.


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