How to Get into House Flipping & Start Making $10K-$20K Per Deal

Wanna leant how to get into house flipping? Let me share with you the 4 fastest way to NOT just get in but hit the ground running house flipping and closing $10K – $20K deals monthly.

1. Investing in Yourself

There is one ‘M’ before the next 2 ‘M’s. It’s mindset. You have to invest time and possibly money into on-going and perpetual personal self development to win in the house flipping game.

2. Invest in Mentorship

Do you notice that I said “invest in mentorship” and not “find a mentor”. The mistake that most people make when seeking a mentor is approaching a prospective mentor without a plan to add value.

As usual, you can invest time and possibly money into your mentors life. It can be as simple as finding a missing piece in their business and filling it.

So, that means it may take you having to observe their business closely, watching their videos, reading every article they release and if possible buying everything they have to offer the marketer. That will sure catch the right mentors attention.

3. Invest in Marketing

Money comes from people. Therefore if you don’t invest time and money in marketing mastery, it’s additional value that you could be bringing to the market place.

For me, it’s the easiest way for me to enter and dominate a market. I am a never ending student of marketing and marketing addict.

4. Invest in List Building

Marketing can be very costly. Therefore every dollar you spend into marketing must be designed to go as far as possible.

The only way to do that is to market with one and one objective only; list building and to build your tribe. Once you build a tribe and a loyal subscribers list, you can then market new opportunities to them for free.

Your following and the relationship with them is the #1 true asset that you own in the business.

In house flipping, I share with you how to have instant access to a list of sellers. But you also need to build a list of potential buyers. I talk more about this in the video.

All of these is designed to do one thing the most efficient and most effective way; ADD VALUE.

Enjoy the video.

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