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In this post, we are talking about How to Increase Website Traffic for Free.  The title was inspired with a question that came in…

“Thanks very much. I am brand new to this world, and I appreciate your using plain, everyday language. I write a blog. Perhaps you would make a video on how to specifically market a blog (not a product or specific services).”

This is a fantastic question.  But I have to tackle it by reverse engineering our end goal as always.  Too many are start blogs and blogs without having this question early enough.

The ultimate goal of a blog should be revenue sales and selling.  If you don’t plan according to this ultimate goal, you will waste energy and will quit sooner or later.

In other to generate sales and revenue, money has to come from other humans beings.  Therefore you need traffic to come to your blob.  Clearly, this person asking this question is aware of that.

The first and most important step in increasing website traffic to a blog is planning.

  • Who are you targeting with the information you a blogging about?
  • What are they searching for in searching engines such as Google?

Once you determine this information, cater and optimize your post to them.  Search engine robots has to deem your content relevant to your ideal prospect when they reach on Google.

It’s called planning.  If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.  Most people who have websites just dump information on it without a strategy.

Google, YouTube and other search engines are just media platforms.  They will send you all those free website traffic trolling them if you produce optimized and relevant content.

Wanna know how to increase website traffic fast?

Well, I don’t teach fast unless sustainability is considered.  If you drive cold traffic to your website by paying $10,000 per month and you are generating $12,000 per month in revenue, all you need is a mentor of something breaking in that cycle to go broke.

Now that’s a slow way of getting traffic fast.  Now lets talk about getting quality traffic sustainable-y and for free. When you focus on planning by researching what your ideal prospect wants and type in the search engines, you will build fast and win.

When creating quality and relevant content consistently, the internet God will send you thousands of dollars worth of free traffic for free?. what if it take 3 years on consistency to be getting 10,000 clicks per month, is that fast enough.

YES.. but also sustainable and extremely profitable.  What if you could do this and 5 years from now, either you buy traffic or not, $3,000 in pure profit comes in daily?  Would that be cool?

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OLA Tux Abitogun - increase website traffic
Ola “Tux” Abitogun is the Creator of myEmpirePRO.  He became a FULL TIME entrepreneur in October 2006.

He is a computer engineer and an engineering management graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology; (NJIT) class of 2004/5. He was born in Dallas Texas and raised in Nigeria by his Nigerian parents.  He considers himself a proud Nigerian American.

Today, he is a marketing addict, trainer, marketing and business consultant, real estate investor and all around serial entrepreneur.  Most importantly, he is husband and father to their 2 Boys.  The professional work he is mostly proud of is personally helping 1,000+ entrepreneurs around the world reach greater heights in their careers.

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