How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money And Bad Credit📍

In this lesson, you will discover how it is possible to not just invest in real estate, but also make money in real estate without money for typical initial capital and even with a bad credit.

After 16 years of launching my real estate business with no money and bad credit right out of college, I still stumble into people who think it is the strangest thing ever.

Some will (straight up) tell you that you are full of shit.

While some will literally laugh at you like they actually know all there is to know about making money in real estate… obviously not if they don’t know this was possible.

So today, I am going to stop assuming that everyone should know why it is possible to become a real estate investor without personal initial money for capital and with bad credit.

At the end of the day, I do not know everything obviously by even assuming everyone should know.

What Do You Need to Invest In Real Estate?

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At this point, it is safe to assume that most people know that money for capital and credit for bank leverage is definitely needed but where is the contradiction coming from?

The contradiction is coming from the assumption that the initial money for capital and good credit to leverage the bank’s money must come from you as an investor personally.

Not only is that false.

There are also (at least) 5 other required resources beyond money and credit needed to launch a real estate investing business successfully.

All you have to do is strategically partner with people who have the money by bringing some value by way of one or more of the other required resources and you are in the game.

Let’s break down the 5 other resources.

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Resource #1 Beyond Money & Credit – Desire

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As non-essential as this might seem, this is the driving force behind any business including real estate investing.  In fact, nothing happens without it.

So you are more than qualified to start investing in real estate if you’ve got this one simple resource; desire.

Basically, if you have (not just desire but) a strong enough desire, it is highly likely that you will figure out ways to find the other resources through strategic partnerships.

Resource #2 – Time & Skills

Most people who have money don’t have the luxury of time contrary to “get rich scheme” beliefs and most people who have time don’t have money.

But time is just as important a resource if not more important than money for capital and good credit for debt leverage.

It takes time to find deals and it takes time and marketing skills to set up simple campaigns that can find motivated sellers and deals.

Speaking of motivated sellers…

Resource #3 – People

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One of the 3 core pillars in any business including real estate investing is “People”.  

Money and  profits are the ultimate goals here.

And money only comes from one place; people.  

In this case, money comes from buyers who have cash and/or credit in exchange for products that come from sellers (again people.)

So if you can facilitate finding motivated sellers and deals that cash buyers and investors want to buy for their portfolio, you are an investor in your own rights.

Resource #4 – Information

In this information age, you may come across the right information or know how to collate the right data into valuable information towards the complete process of investing in real estate.

This is gold and probably more valuable than cash and credit with strategic partnerships.

Resource #5 Beyond Money & Credit – Problem & Solution

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Finally, the easiest and most consistent way to find deals is by tracking down distressed and motivated sellers using marketing.

That’s precisely what we cover inside the 11 days challenge which you can find at www.11dayschallenge.com 

When you find these “people”, there are a handful of solutions you can offer them beyond your personal cash or good credit to provide solutions to their problems.

In that process, you can make as much as $82,000 from one single deal based on my personal experience and suddenly, lack of money will disappear subsequently.

Check out the next video on the screen for more information about finding distressed sellers and the different solutions you can provide in exchange for massive profits.

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