How to Start Flipping Houses With NO Money

Want to learn how to Start Flipping Houses With NO Money?

Here is the formula:

F.i X L.U.C = $5K to 20K Days

F – Find deals

i – Identify deals

So what is a deal?

In order to find and identify deals, you need to know what a deal is.

In this video, I take the time to break down what a deal is but I also explain why there are exceptions to every rule.

However if you do not know the rule of the house flipping for profits game, the exception to the rules will be irrelevant to you.

So 2 things to discover in this video:

* What is a deal?

* What are the rules?

For the last part of the flipping houses with no money formula:

L – Lock

U – Under

C – Contract

After, you’ve found and identified a deal, you need to lock it under a contract which serves as your right to purchase the house at a predetermined price.

You can then turn around and sell the rights (equitable interest) to investors who would happily pay your fees for finding and identifying the deal PLUS the cost of acquiring the house.

Watch the video and enjoy.

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