How To Start Wholesaling In 11 Days! 📍

Probably the most common question I get from beginners and intermediate alike is how to start wholesaling.

I understand it because there’s so much information to the extent of paralysis by analysis.

So in this lesson, it’s all about getting you off to the race and how to do it in 11 days.

Back in 2004 or 2005, I paid $3,000 for the first seminar I attended on real estate.

I walked away with a nice fancy binder with a bunch of useless information I would never need to actually make money.

By the way, I just happened to be lucky enough to pay $3,000. I know many people that paid upwards of $35,000 for these seminars.

In my opinion, it is still worth it if you follow through.

Anyways, it wasn’t until years later that I read a book called “One Thing” by Gary Keller.

What is that first-one-step to start wholesaling right now?

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Have you downloaded your free books?

Smart Real Estate Wholesaling and…

Real Estate Money Secrets

Which you can download absolutely for free at:


I am also the creator of myEmpirePRO and the 11 days challenge quick start guide which you can access at:


I can share the first step with you which is to take a free trial of www.EmpireBIGData.com to access 100 million property data which includes:

  • Pre-Foreclosure and Lis-Pendens
  • Vacant Properties
  • Failed Listings
  • And many more…

But I also want to share a complete checklist to follow to be up and running in 11 days.

Day 1

I want you to take a few minutes to review the 3 core pillars of flipping houses nationwide and the 5 milestone stages of real estate investing.

They are fully explained in the 2 books you get to download for free at:


This is how to set a solid foundation for the business you want to build.

By the way, we take you through this step by step in the 11 days challenge which you can access by first going through our 3 hours free masterclass at:


Day 2

I want you to pick your target market(s) (city, county and state) in the United States to flip houses.  

There is a process and method to this.  Not all markets are created equal.

Day 3

This is the moment to enter stage 1 of 5 which is all about accessing data of potentially distressed properties.

I want you to collect the best 100 properties that are pre-foreclosures but also vacant on your list to target with your outreach campaign.

There are 100+ million property records at:


Day 4

It’s time to enter stage 2 which is all about contacting the owners of the 100 properties you collected on your list on day 3.

I want you to send a postcard every week for the next 4 weeks to these property owners simply offering to buy their houses.

Keep it simple.

The postcard should say…


Contact me at 732-555-1212”

If you are like me, you wouldn’t want to or have time to be doing this manually because you understand leverage as key to successful business.

Again, to automate the whole process, you can check out www.EmpireBIGData.com for a free trial.

Let’s call that the first touch.

Day 5

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You will also be able to skiptrace using the same software to find their phone numbers and send them a text message with an offer to buy as a second touch.

Day 6

Using the same process from day 5, the software can generate the email list of these potential distressed homeowners.

Day 7

I want you to set up a 52 weeks automatic email follow-up marketing.

In the next lesson, I cover email marketing strategy with a little more details using an autoresponder tool that you can try for free at:


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Day 8 

It is now time for you to send a 2nd sms/text messaging outreach to the same list you’ve pulled on the 3rd day.

Day 9 

Now, I want you to start preparing for the possibility of using Facebook and Instagram ads to generate motivated seller leads.

When you are done with this video, I want you to search “ola tux abitogun facebook ads for investors” on YouTube or Google for more information about that.

Day 10

If you did everything right from day 1 to 9 and keep the campaigns going consistently, leads will be generated and some of those leads will be motivated sellers

This is stage 3 of 5; Leads. Most people who attempt wholesaling will never get to that stage.

In our 11 days challenge coaching program, we’ve added an 11 points follow up-consult & pre-qualification

property analysis and offer generator.

But also on the next video which is absolutely free, I’ve laid out a 5 questions script that you can use to prequalify your generated leads successfully into contracts.

I’ve also created a tool at www.DealEstimator.com for free as a maximum allowable offer generator.

Day 11

On this 11th day and henceforth, you can start creating and sending out offer reports, more property analysis, writing and sending out contracts.

I want you to also set up partnerships as need for more cash buyers arises for the contracts you are generating, sorting your cash buyers’ list, pre-qualifying cash and creating EMD arbitrage profits.  


You are now on stage 5 which is deal disposition and you can start cashing out profits that can range from $1,000 to $82,000 based on my personal experience.

The Main Lesson

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As you can see, you can start wholesaling in 11 days, up and running with a motivated seller leads generating machine.

We’ve got 1,000+ free videos on this channel on the topic of wholesaling real estate.

On the channel home page is a free wholesale real estate course to get you going.

Let’s get started with the next video on the screen right now.

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