CALLING ZILLOW LEADS 📍 Real Estate Wholesale

QUESTION ⁉️ “How many calls on average do you do on a daily basis? I just began. Me and my husband are getting our leads from Zillow.

We’re kinda lost on where else to get leads from, it takes more detail work to get all property details on every single property. Therefore we’re not calling that many a day

This is our 3rd day in this and we’ve been trying.

We are also aiming for lease option to buy and Zillow is where we get the leads from.”

With wholesale real estate as a business model, generating leads in the year 200&Digital is about the speed of data flow.

Therefore manually pulling records from zillow is probably too much of a slow process to compete.

You may get lucky and close 1 or 2 deals but you will get frustrated before you build a growing and thriving business.


How To Wholesale Off Zillow