How To Wholesale Real Estate ONLINE?

Question: “How to wholesale real estate online?”

In my opinion, “online” is the only way to do it. As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing that’s offline anymore. Everyone is on the Internet.

Let’s assume that you know how to do this the old school way.

You know how to find real estate deals, you know how to locked deals up under contract, and flip the contract,

…when it gets to the time that you have to liaise with the title companies to structure the deal and get it closed,

All of these people are gonna be communicating with you for the most part by email.

So there’s no such thing as “offline”.

This is just a mindset shift that most people need to really speed up, get to work and step up their game really quickly.

There’s no such thing as offline, but I get it.

So…Let’s just focus on the marketing part of it…the next most important part.

Offline is when you pick up the phone and you start cold calling a bunch of strangers and they’re cursing you out.

Or offline is it? You just jump in your car, you put some gas and you start driving around town.

Even though driving for dollars sucks, right?

But somebody sold you on the idea that if you just drive around town, you can make $25,000.

You saw some testimonials, real stories and you feel like you could do it too.

But the truth is that your chances of doing that is slim to almost none.


Because driving is simply not a marketing skills.

If you don’t have marketing skills, you’re gonna fail at this and any and all types of businesses.

It’s as simple as that.

Actually the worst part is that you can actually get lucky and close one deal, and then you still fail.

Then you’ll be looking for the next deal for the next 50 years (exaggeration?)

You don’t wanna be in that category so, the key thing is you wanna become a marketing master,

…you wanna become a master at marketing.

And the best way to do that these days is all online.

So how to wholesale real estate online?


That question comes down to, where is the attention online?

Well, the first step is text messages. Text messages are good.

The only thing is that a lot of people get attached.

You don’t wanna get attached to the outcome when you send a text message to a potential seller.

If you’re looking to generate leads, it’s basically:

  • Some Will.
  • Some Won’t.
  • So What.
  • Next.

That’s SW 3x and then Next.

It doesn’t matter, It’s a numbers game.

Just focus on the numbers.

Don’t get attached, don’t use gimmicky stuff.

You simply ask people if they are open to selling a property that you’ve identified.

They can only give you one of like 80 different answers, they may say:

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Who are you? How did you get my number?

Yes, What’s your offer

They could say “f*** you”,

…they could say “screw you”.

They could say all these different things, it doesn’t matter.

It’s a numbers game.

By the way, texting people can be quite manual.

Well, there are some other tools out there where you can do the mass, but it can be manual.

That is still very much like a proactive way, as in…. it’s not attraction marketing.

I enjoy attraction marketing better where I put out a bait and then let people come to me.

Basically fishing as opposed to hunting.

That’s what I enjoy doing for the most part, that’s where I spend most of my energy.

I’ve been in a place over the years where I doubted myself and said,

you know what, let me be a little bit more aggressive. Let me see if I can create some more results by doing the aggressive stuff. Get proactive, learn all the closing tactics on”.

I learned all those things, and I’m very good at them.

I can close people on the phone.

I can use the same skills even on the phone, attraction marketing.

But here’s the thing, I thrive better, I move faster and I spend most of my resources, the most important, which is time,

…on creating content, on creating ads to attract the people that need what I have to offer the most.

That’s the best thing you can do online especially when it comes to wholesale real estate.

So the best platforms right now as we speak are Facebook and Instagram.

And there are quite a few reasons why you’re gonna have to learn that skill,

…because it’s worth it.

So you have Data, you have Contact, you have Leads, Contract and Deals.

When you learn how to do these online, basically you can skip stage 1,

…because the data is right there.

It’s basically people using the Internet, they are using Facebook.

They have all their data in the hands of Facebook.

Facebook has all their data, they know their interests, they know what they are liking and they know where they live.

They know what zip code they live in, they have all the information about them essentially.

And for pennies, a lot cheaper than you would if you were hanging out bandit signs and driving for dollars.

A lot cheaper if you factor in the time that it takes you to figure out all this other manual stuff, right?

So you skip stage 1.

Stage 2, you skip that because you’re not the one initiating the contact.

They’re the ones who see your ad and initiate in contact with you .

When they initiate contact with you, that’s essentially jumping all the way through to stage 3.

That’s a lead.

All you have to do is process that lead, which means consulting with them and see how you can help them.

How you can help them solve their problem.

Lock it up under contract.

And stage 5, everything is done online these days.

You can do it all on Facebook and text messages.

All the information is online, (of all the existing cash buyers in the market in the last 20 years.

So all of that is done online.

But when you focus on wholesaling real estate online, you only have to worry about stages 3 and 4,

And you have to do that over and over and over and over again and then you’re in the game.

You’re closing deals and all these people that take care of stages 1, 2 and 5,

…they are people that basically love you to death, bringing all these deals to the table.

So that’s how to wholesale real estate online.

It is very very simple.

It is the same process, except that you’re skipping 1, you’re skipping 2,

…you’re jumping all the way through stage 3.

Which is, you generated a lead, you locked it up under contract and then back online to find the right buyers.

There’s data everywhere… of all the existing and proven cash buyers in any market in the United States.

All you have to do is contact every single one of them.

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Just be aggressive with that…. because you have a deal in your hands.

Worst case scenario is they will tell you that “this is the number I’m willing to pay for…”.

But that’s the game right there.

So how do you do this again?

Again, we have trainings on how to market on Facebook and Instagram.

You just set up ads on there and just let the ads run.

I mean you’re spending $20 per lead, potential lead,

…that’s a person reaching out to you.

So think about it, if you put in $20 of gas in the car and drive around town and then nothing happened.

Basically you end up with a bunch of lists that you’re supposed to cold call for the next one week, and then nothing happened even after that.

It’s extremely frustrating, but when you spend $20 on Facebook or Instagram, you know that this is a lead.

This is a person that’s interested in selling, and is really motivated… a motivated seller.

All you have to do is have a posture, build a rapport and just be human.

You don’t have to learn any kind of crazy sales tactics.

Just be human.

Then you sign a contract and then you do that over and over again.

We have 11 Days Challenge to Facebook Ads also in our coaching program… see more information at the bottom or on the side,

…so you could go ahead and go through that.

How do you wholesale real estate virtually?

You can wholesale real estate virtually by simply humbling yourself before the digital age and the powers of the internet.

All the resources you need to close deals are accessible online using digital marketing and attraction marketing strategies from the comfort of your home.

How easy is it to wholesale real estate?

The words “easy”, “hard”, “expensive” and “difficult” are not relevant when humans are dealing with anything worth while such as the opportunity of being able to make a net profit of $25,000 per deal. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely simple business with the help of a coach and a mentor.

How much money can I make wholesaling real estate?

I am not sure how much you will make as I am not familiar with your work ethics but I make an average of $25,000 per deal and my highest to date is $82,000 from one deal.

How do you buy wholesale real estate?

You can buy wholesale real estate deals by subscribing to the buyers list of active real estate wholesalers. You can find them in Facebook and Meetup groups around the United States.

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