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December 2016 Income Report – Gross: $5,008.18 | Net: $874.22

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December 2016 Income At-A-Glance

Gross Income: $5,008.18
Total Expenses : $4,133.96
Total Net Profit: $874.22
Total Net Profit for November 2016: $8,377.23
MONTHLY NET GROWTH: -$7,503.01 (-90%)

See below for complete details, breakdown and lessons learned.

NOTE We will not be sharing our real estate deals related revenue.  This is to demonstrate "recession proof" monthly cash flow.

Why are we publishing our income report?

Waddup #EmpirePROs.  Let's get into it... Back to back..

Every single month, I will share our triumph and our tribulations, our loses and our profits;  not just in words but actual  breakdown of our revenue, expenses and net profit; even with growth percentage.

You get to discover exactly what is working in our business; you can copy and paste it.  You can also avoid whatever didn't work for us alike as we will share it all.

Being an entrepreneur requires heart, hustle, strategy and mentorship.  With exposure to this type of information, it can be a lot more easier.  All you have to do is look out for this monthly.

Most of the gurus out there are very quick to share results and income, but they usually don't share the amount of work, time and money invested in order to achieve.  Then you end up with an illusion and eventual frustration .

Welcome to the 2nd edition of myEmpirePRO's monthly income report.

Product/Service Income: $3,400.79

Empire Traffic Academy: The most personal 7 Figures Attraction Marketing, Business & Empire Training Portal  in the world.

  • Total: $3,400.79

15 Points Checklist to 6 and 7 Figures Business: A free special downloadable PDF report that breaks down a 6 and 7 figures scalable business into 15 simple execution checklist.

7 Secrets to 7 Figure: A free webinar that reverse engineer all the top producers and earners' exact branding and marketing activities into 7 top 1% secrets in 1 HOUR.

$1,000 Per Day Formula: A free webinar following my exact process I used to create $315K+ sales in just 6 months from a brand new offer.

* We use WebinarJam for our webinar presentations.

Empire Intensive LIVE IN NYC: A premium training and mastermind event where you actually learn without the typical rah-rah of live events LIVE in the center of gravity of the world economy - New York City.

Affiliate Income: $1,608.39

Digital Altitude (Aspire System): $1,288.83 (A platform that teaches digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable business mountain climbing as a metaphor in 18 steps with the help of a human coach.)

My Lead System PRO: $0.00 (The world's #1 solution for network marketers, affiliate marketers, & internet marketers since 2008.)

Pure Leverage: $164.61 (All the tools you need to leverage your freedom in one spot)

Getresponse: $154.95 (All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business)

Total Gross Income: $5,009.18

Business Expenses: $2,323.42

  • Advertising: $557.53
  • Affiliate Commissions (mTAcademy): $420
  • Amazon Web Services: $38.91
  • Event: $27.99
  • Merchant/Bank Fees: 1,060.69
  • Office Expenses: $125.30
  • $73

Recurring, Subscription-based Expenses: $1,810.54

  • Authorize.NET: $56.30
  • Digital Altitude Affiliate Services: $17.00
  • *Getresponse: $39.45
  • Google Services: $11.98
  • *Internet: $254.51
  • Libsyn: $30.00
  • Mojo Selling Solution: $124.00
  • MyPrivateProxy: $11.75 (Used for automating Twitter and Instagram account in FollowLiker)
  • NJLispendens: $29.95 (Cancelled due to advancement into 7 figures digital marketing real estate investing business model)
  • Pure Leverage: $173.92
  • ScheduleOnce: $19.00
  • *SetCronJob: $10 (Paid only once a year)
  • Social Jukebox: $19.99
  • Taxes & Licenses: $17.01
  • Travel: $318.97
  • Verizon: $239.62
  • Website Hosting Fees: $225 (We recommend Bluehost)
  • *WebinarJam: $197 (Paid only once a year)
  • $14.99

Total Expenses: $4,133.96

Total Net Profit: $874.22

Biggest Lesson Learned

In addition to retracting and stepping back to re-design how we do business, Decembers are generally slower.  But I want you to be clear that it's only slow on the response end.

In fact, people like me continue to win because we step up on strategic inputs during this time of the year.  We also setup the following year while every one is busy digging financial holes for themselves by shopping.

Some of the most creative ideas to take your business to the next level comes in December because the slowness in business triggers  your best creative mind.

That is the lesson from December 2016.

I took December to setup this new  part of our  business.  Full 100% transparency and monthly income report;  this being the 2nd edition.  We eliminated some aspects of the business that seems to be taking more than it's serving us.

You noticed some cancelled services.  What we are saving is much more than the money we pay for it.  It's also the time invested into strategies that doesn't return with fullest potential especially in LEVERAGE.

The beauty about our new method of resource allocation is this.  Our cost of business is capped at $10,000 until we hit $100,000 in monthly revenue.


Automation is in full effect with the tool that we already pay for now.  We are safely going to scale to $100,000 per month using the same resources that's already paid for here.  My premium students gets to benefit from it all as well.

We will be rolling out an additional $5,000 per month expenses that will be shared between virtual assistance fees and marketing on Facebook & Google Adword using what we teach in mTAcademy.  You get to watch it all play out.  Ha ha 🙂

Stay glued to this page.  Subscribe to our list so you can get notified when we release new editions monthly.  Watch the revenue grow to $1,000,000 but more importantly...

...also watch the struggle, the consistency, and enjoy the ride.  That's where your strength will come from.

I just opened doors to a mastermind of 10 focused entrepreneurs that I will help personally build their net income up to 6 figures in the next 90 - 100 days.  It will be my 3rd time doing it. You can apply here.

Watch this space to see it play out. Let's connect soon.

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