7 reasons why ‘internet network marketing’ has the key to your breakthrough.

Internet network marketing is not about techy stuff. It’s easier than that.

After I got burnt out with STALKING family and friends back in April 2009, there was only one more thing that made sense to do. It wasn’t quitting like most of the 1,000’s of amateurs that come through network marketing.

It was to sought after the greatest invention of mankind (the internet) for answers. You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That’s called KUKOOO in the head. CRAZY!

After all, the internet was growing in leaps. Mobile platforms was really taking over and yet, I had an upline that was trying to discourage me from using the internet to build my network marketing business.

To be fair, it wasn’t just him. It was also a battle within my self as well. Here is why. I believe in coach-ability as a quality needed for success but something was wrong.

Eventually I figured out that most innovative creation in the history of the world comes from flat out disobedience and rebellion. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to break out of mediocrity.

Let me share some internet usability data with you as of recently according to internetlivestats.com. These are the 7 reasons why you need to get serious with the internet:

  1. There are approximately 3.3 billion users in the world at this moment.
  2. There are approximately 985 million websites on the internet right now.
  3. There are approximately 120 billion emails sent today.
  4. There are approximately 5.5 billion videos being viewed on YouTube today.
  5. There are approximately 2.5 billion Google searches today.
  6. There are over 1.7 billion active internet traffic at this moment.
  7. Probably more important to you, there are over 50,000 active searches for home based business online monthly.

Clearly, if you’ve ran out of warm market to expose your business opportunity to, internet network marketing will save your business. By being here, it means you are already connected.

I’m very aware that it sounds techy to many people but it’s not. Just think about that first moment you realized that you had to own one of these smart phones. It really is that simple.

As an entrepreneur and not an amateur, growth is not always comfortable. But you can agree that it is the only choice for us champions right? Therefore we get it done.

Bringing your network marketing business to the internet is not designed to avoid the work involved in investing in yourself as a leader. As a matter of fact, it is needed more.

You cannot hard sell people on the internet. It just doesn’t work. As you can imagine, there are lots of content on the internet. Some of them are authentic but much more of them cannot be trusted.

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To have success in your network marketing business on the internet, you have to be a leader of value. You cannot be a follower.

Unfortunately, I see way too many people come on the internet only to be a follower. You can always tell by how they spam the community with unsolicited links.

Here is a quick formula to ensure that you are not one of this people. When entering any community, always ask yourself, “what can I do to add value to these lives?”

Sometimes, that means you have to learn something new and teach it to that community. If you can’t do that, you have no business trying to be an entrepreneur in the digital age in the first place.

The internet is just a form of media. Nothing changes. People only care as much as the value that your bring to their lives. Don’t get me wrong; people can pretend but truth always prevail.

So as you decide to bring your network marketing to the internet, realize that it only solves one problem. It exposes your business to millions of prospects.

But in addition to that, you will be able pre-qualify prospects. Let’s say for example, you place an advertising on Facebook. Out of 100 people that clicks to your landing page, 27 enter their emails and become leads.

Those are quality leads. They are at least better quality that those that saw the page and essentially close it without optin in. It’s absolutely okay because now you get to not waste your time with non-interested prospects.

In traditional network marketing business, we call it pique-ing interests. In internet network marketing, we call it pre-qualifying for your time.

Your time is much more valuable even simply because of the knowledge you’ve acquired in this material. But remember…

Knowledge is power but it’s much more powerful when applied.

So do you really have the choice of not using internet network marketing for your business? No sir… No ma’am. We are not talking about the machine. We are talking about your competitive advantage.

We are also talking about using media that aligns with the year that you live in for a business. This is required if you are serious about become a champion.

It is crowded at the bottom and there are much more space at the top.

It’s very easy and comfortable to go to the weekly meeting and forget that a non-profitable business is a hobby. In this scenario, what you don’t know can hurt you.

As a matter of fact, I think we are going in too deep. It really is not that deep. It just makes sense that you must leverage the internet to build your network marketing business.

Every now and then, someone tries to make a case against using the internet to build business. And guess what; usually this argument is over the internet. Ain’t that a pitch?

But I get it. Change is not comfortable. A lot of time, uplines are trying to prevent losing their downline member to the internet.

If you have to prevent that, something is already wrong in your team. Why not learn it and teach it to your downline? Why would anyone want to prevent their team members from learning how to build out? Weird HUH? LOL.

Running an internet network marketing business doesn’t require technical abilities. It simply requires a strong desire to build a viable business and it’s a lot more fun. In order to do that, you need endless leads.. PERIOD!

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