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IS THIS A SCAM? 📍 Wholesaling Real Estate

QUESTION ⁉️ “So I just had a talk with my mom and dad.

They’re both up there in age and do not understand wholesaling at all; not one bit of it.

Everytime I explain it to my mom she just keeps saying “watch the news they’re saying scams are everywhere even pros are getting screwed” so she’s out.

Then I talked to my dad and he said exactly to me…

“You don’t just walk up to a distressed home and call the owner and then flip the house. That’s not how it works”.

I said Dad. That’s exactly how it works.

“Nope” he said. Basically my own parents don’t think I can do this.

So I want to show them this is real.

Can you hook me up with the right people so I can make my first deal happen?

If not it’s cool. I just don’t want to be surrounded by non believers.”


Is Wholesaling Real Estate Ethical