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MLM Recruiting – Is the Old fashioned Face to Face Talking MLM Recruiting Dead?


“After watching one of your videos, I sent an email to an up-line and this is what I got.

The old fashioned face to face talking/prospecting is the best way to build a strong distribution network and thriving business, PERIOD. I prefer the “Active Prospecting” strategy he talked about…because that WORKS!

You have to learn skills so they lose their fear. Fear is based on ignorance and lack of confidence. What do you have to say about this? I need to start recruiting for my MLM???”

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ANSWER – The only active MLM recruiting and prospecting that exists today involves the internet either you realize it or not. it would be okay to still be in denial of the power of technology a few years back. But time is up.

It’s high time you stopped swimming against the tide. Face-to-Face as you knew it is a wrap. It’s now called text messages, email messages, Instagram direct messages. So yes old fashioned face to face talking/prospecting is dead. That’s why it’s old school.

In order to come up to day, all you need is these prerequisites. The ability to send a mobile text message and the ability to send a good ol’ email via gmail, hotmail or yahoo. If you know how to do these things, you more than qualify to learn a new skill; digital age MLM recruiting and prospecting.

After learning it, you can therefore share the information with you team members and even possibly provide MLM recruiting done for you services or systems for others. That’s leverage and multiple streams of income for your home business.

There are tons upon tons of prospects already searching on Google to join opportunities like yours. Outside of launching your business, why would you ever need to stalk family and friends? It makes no sense and makes no money.

Once you set up as easy to follow MLM recruiting system, you can actually outsource the whole process. At the minimum, you would end up on the phone with pre-qualified and ready to join prospects only.

There are 3 MLM recruiting tips; more like secrets, that I want to share with you.

Secret Tip #1 – Attraction Marketing

The more value you bring to the market place, the more money you get to make. There are no shortcuts around this. The good news is that leading prospecting and recruiting with value (using attraction marketing techniques) increases you brand and trust equity simultaneously and almost effortlessly.

So ultimately, it’s not about the Internet or preferring Facebook over face to face or belly to belly prospecting. It’s about efficiency and effective business building and marketing skills. There is very little need for the use of MLM/Network Marketing recruiting scripts when you already lead with value.

Secret Tip #2 – Consistency

If you did everything wrong, you can’t do this wrong. My friend Ray Higdon said “everything works if you did them consistently long enough.” I agree. The question is if you are are going to work long enough.

Secret Tip #3 – Leverage

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