3 Little secrets about network marketing businesses no one wants to tell ya…

On this special episode I’m going to talk to you about 3 little secrets about the network marketing business model. Network marketing businesses are all over the place.

How do you set yourself apart?

An average person that you know is being introduced as we speak into different network marketing businesses out there. But how do you set yourself apart?

How do you set yourself different from the zillions of people that are on the internet right now, on Instagram, on Snap Chat, trying to pitch another network marketing business opportunity?

Let me tell you one little secret about these network marketing businesses. The business model is designed to get the masses to promote it but it’s not designed for you to make money by doing it exactly like that.

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Let me explain what I mean.

So you end up among the 18 million people in the United States that are involved in network marketing, and close to 100 million people across the world.

If you end up being just another person, that’s what you’re going to be. You’re going to end up being an average person that makes less than $10 per month.

So, how do you avoid all of that?

First of all, I want you to first consider network marketing a business school. You’re going to learn some things in network marketing that you just won’t learn in the regular business school.

So, in my opinion, network marketing is a business school because you’re going to learn everything, from leadership to marketing, to prospecting, to “how to talk to people.” You’re going to learn how to sell without being sale-sy.

The average person just joined because they just want to make money. You couldn’t wait till you make your first dollar. After that, you want to make that $300,000 per month like you heard on the stage at the company event and the company conference calls.

That’s pretty much why the average person is in the business. But let me give you the 1st little secret of success in any of the network marketing businesses…

Do you want to become one of those making $300,000 per month? You have to give first. You have to give and you have to invest time; a.k.a Turn network marketing to a business school first.

It’s a business school, I guarantee you. Even if you walk away from this industry with nothing, you’ll walk away with skills you can use in other arenas are change your life. BOLD STTEMENT I know…

The 2nd little secret has to do with your network marketing business cards.

The network marketing company sell you business cards as part of their revenue stream just in case you don’t know. They make money from selling you all this merchandise, like business cards, magazines, DVDs etc. They make money from those things, that’s part of their business model, just in case you don’t know.

But, let me give you the little secret. Running around your local area and giving out the business card that brands network marketing businesses you’re in partnership with is the wrong way to build your business. You need to create your own business cards that brands you as a person and as a leader.

The last little secret I want to share with you is about the network marketing businesses; the model itself. The network marketing business model is kind of like mini-franchises, that’s all it is; “kinda like”. But I want you to realize that you don’t own a franchise. As a matter of fact, you do not own a piece of the company.

You’re simply in an affiliate partnership and the more you produce by selling, the better. The more you produce, the higher profit, the more money you’re going to make. And for you to set yourself apart again from the 18 million people in the United states alone that are in network marketing, you have to brand yourself.

You have to upgrade your business to Network Marketing 2.0. There’s no way around it. If you don’t do that, you’re just going to look like another person selling a scam to their family and friends.

You and I know that this is not a scam. But they don’t know that. But the more you look like the other 18 million people, the closer you look like all those other 18 million people in the network marketing businesses out there. Hopefully, you’ve been enlightened and educated and I will see you on the next episode. Peace.

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