Discover what “network marketing companies” are hiding from newbies.

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Of course, most network marketing companies won’t share this with you.

But you are here right now.

Feel free to share this with your team members…  unless of course, you don’t want them to recruit…

In this episode, I want to give access to some insights that you would probably only hear in conversations with the top 1% earners in the network marketing profession.

Also, these type of lessons only attract certain type of network marketers–those who want to get really good in the game. So, congratulations to you.

I want to share a few tips with you. You will find out why you may have been struggling to get your network marketing production level up even if you jump ship.

May be you are struggling with sales and recruiting… but then, the first thought is, “may be there are better network marketing companies out there.”  May be…

But what if there are better platforms that you found but you moved your same level of skill over there?

Would that change anything?

“Ola, you don’t get it.  May be other network marketing companies have better support and training.”

Well… you are right.

But here is a newsflash.  You were hired by your network marketing company as a freelance independent contractor to market their product and services in exchange for income based on the compensation plan.

Essentially, their primary job is to have product and services ready for you to market.  Your job is to market.  Network marketing companies are very good at pretending that they have everything you need to promote, promote and promote.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Yes, they will provide some tools and resources but often, they are not updated.

A lot of network marketing companies were 5 years late to the social media marketing era.  In fact, some of them are still struggling to accept marketing online for their reps.

Sounds backwards right?

You know most reps are not real entrepreneur so they are waiting for an approval too..

Well, it doesn’t matter.  Network marketing company founders are not marketers usually.  They are a network marketing company and it’s your job as a marketer to figure these things out.

When you joined, you were probably told to make a list of your family, friends associates and circle of influence right?  There is nothing wrong with that.  However, they deliberately leave out some important stuff.

Most network marketing companies would rather taproot your relationship than give you adequate training so you are aware that you may lose your relationships if you don’t prospect skillfully.

What happens once you burn through your warm market?

Top 2 sources of network marketing companies list

If you are looking for a list of network marketing companies, check out NProsMLMRankings  also have network marketing rankings in terms of top gainers and popularity on a monthly basis.

Just realize searching for network marketing companies to join so you can jump ship won’t increase your lead generation skill.  If you suck at sales and recruiting, it’s because you are not generating enough leads.

Simple… ONE THING you need learn how to get done before you move any further.

A better reason to go from one company to another would be to get closer to a mentor or a winning team.  After all, most network marketing companies won’t allow switching teams within the company.

Being around the right people (mastermind) and having a direct access to a mentor is definitely one of the keys to winning the network marketing game.

Network marketing companies in trouble show the true color.

Just like regular companies out there, founders would dim fit to shut down the company or the network marketing compensation model when they are in trouble.

That usually means that thousands of reps get left out in the cold while company founder get to keep millions of dollars.  To be fair, the company owners would sometimes be in deeper trouble involving criminal investigation.

The reps are the last consideration on the list when this type of action becomes a necessity.  I used the word necessity because I wanted to remind you that this is in fact, BUSINESS.

Most top 1% earners of all network marketing companies have joined multiple companies.

Did you know that? If you did, have you ever asked why?

Just yesterday, I saw a “used to be” top producer who just jumped to a 3rd company within the last 12 month.  That’s a result of a person who is stuck on building just a downline as opposed to building an empire, the network marketing 2.0 style.

But anyway…

Something shifts at the point that you become a top 1% producer. It’s usually a simple decision.  I can guarantee you it has nothing to do with being in the best network marketing company.

There are 2 possible reasons that make someone search for network marketing companies list:

  • A professional marketer simply looking to target existing and struggling reps in the profession.
  • An amateur network marketer who lack production and would rather blame it on a bad company.

Don’t get me wrong. Driving in a Ferrari and driving a 1994 Ford Focus from New Jersey to Georgia will definitely have difference in travel time duration and/or speed.

  • The speed of the vehicle you are traveling in does matter.
  • The team you surround yourself with does matter.
  • The network marketing company you are building a business in does matter.
  • The compensation plan does matter.

But all these things, including how good a network marketing company is, does NOT matter IF you don’t have maketing skills. What does it matter if you are driving a Ferrari or ‘Hooptie’ if you have no clue how to drive at all?

It’s really all about YOU!

People don’t join companies.  People join people.  It’s an attraction and value thing.

If your prospect doesn’t see you as leader to help them achieve result, they won’t join you.  It doesn’t matter how good your company is or how much integrity your founders have.

SIDENOTE:  If you are not a top producer, you don’t know your founders personally.   Therefore you don’t know anything about their level of their integrity.  I guess it’s cool to edify your leaders.

But be aware that the only way to get on the stages and leader board is to actually produce.  In other to produce in any and all network marketing companies, you need network marketing lead generation skills.


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