The “1” Thing that your affiliated network marketing company wants from you.

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Would you like to know about my network marketing company? I’m so sorry to bust this bubble. I do not own one. But neither do you.

This episode is going to contain somewhat random thoughts on how I really feel about your specific network marketing company.  You will be able to relate with a few things.

I was just reading a piece from an industry friend. He has just gotten burnt out from building a network marketing company for the past 5+ years.

I mean he was dropping “F bombs” all over the place because he just apparently realized that building a network marketing company is not a lot of fun. He now thinks building a team is a lot of fun but companies suck.

I couldn’t agree more but…

When he started a few years ago, he invited me along with a couple of other guys to a mastermind in Costa Rica. At the time, he suggested that I should shut myEmpirePRO off so we can build that company together.

I declined to do that but I helped promote the deal as an affiliate for about 1 year after that. I even made over $300,000 doing that. It was fun. This was in 2011 and 2012.

I just received 2015 1099-MISC for completely passive income from that work back then. It was a little over $27,000. Collecting checks is a lot of fun. He is claiming now that building teams is a lot of fun but I think checks are better.

Like I said, I agree a little. But there are some team that you can build and will drain your energy with no rewards to show for it. I’ve done it before and I won’t pray it for my enemy.

The only team that I think it’s fun to build is a dream team. A dream team to me is a mastermind of like minded individuals who shares the same vision.

Sharing a vision of just wanting to make money is not good enough. That always crumble eventually. Frankly, I think that’s the real problem that my friend is going through but I trust that he will figure it out.

This is also the same problem that every network marketing company has to experience.

We can play with the words as much as we want to. The truth which is the bottom line always prevail.

A network marketing company in most cases is essentially a team of people who are in it just for the money. I’ve hung out with my friend personally and I know that he wants more than just money.

He wants to impact people in a positive way. I know that he doesn’t really care about the millions he’s made. I think he cares more about the kick he gets from helping people change lives.

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Here is the real problem with building a network marketing company.

It involves attracting affiliates and reps who are ultimately amateurs. They are just in it for the money. It’s just the nature of the beast.

People join because they want to make money and they can do so as long as they have an ID; no qualification required. This is a double edge sword and often exposes the owner(s) to serious legal ramifications.

Let me recap…

  • Amateur entrepreneurs
  • No qualification required.

These 2 qualities are often used as selling points to get people into a network marketing company. But they are not necessarily positive.

There is a fundamental difference between a person who invested $1,000,000 (million) to launch a business and a person who spent $7 to join a business. The core belief systems are just not the same.

When you build a network marketing company, you are essentially responsible for every representation of your company out in the market place. This is why compliance is a big deal for these companies.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather create a mastermind of a team of people who are ready to invest time and money than babysit a bunch of overgrown adolescents who think they should reap rewards where they did not sow.

So I don’t own a network marketing company. Occasionally, I partner with them but I make a lot more money and have a lot more freedom with the network marketing 2.0 business model.

Once every other month, there is a guy who comes along and tell me that he owns a piece of his network marketing company as network marketing rep–NEGATIVE.

As a rep, you do not own any stake in your affiliated network marketing company. In fact, your contract is a unilateral independent contractors agreement.

A rep or an IBO is an over-glorified sales position with no base salary and/or pension plan. The average makes less than $10 per month.  I know that hurts but knowing the truth now will save you years of pain and agony.

It will set you free.

Your network marketing company is only interested in your productivity and performance level. They actually could careless if you feed your family or not.

That’s why I take time out everyday to teach you entrepreneurship. That’s why we are on a mission to save 11,000 network marketers and convert them to real entrepreneurs.

Sometimes, you have to go through the traditional system to see the value in network marketing 2.0. I compare it to Christianity in many ways.

The bible has so much value and wisdom in it. When you read it with intent to collect life lessons and wisdom, you will learn so much about yourself that others pay ‘;thousands of dollars’ to learn from life coaches.

However organized religious setting sucks at translating this wisdom to real life application. The leadership training that comes with traditional network marketing is priceless.

But then almost every single network marketing company forget to teach their reps real and professional marketing skills. They claim that it’s not duplicatable–or duplicate-able… is that even a word?

People get over-hyped promises and end up spending thousands of dollars on tools and auto-ships that rots in the garage. Listen, there is a better way.

It makes sense and it’s actual skills that you can monetize like real assets for the rest of your life. Speaking of monetization, these are the 3 tops assets in your business:

  1. YOU
  2. Time
  3. Audience/List

As you can see, your affiliated network marketing company is not one of them. Having the best compensation plan and high position in the network marketing company rankings are irrelevant.  See you on the next episode.

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