The network marketing industry vs the profession per the top 1% producers

Today we are going to be talking about network marketing industry or profession. All right. So. Once upon a time. There was an event I went to.

I think it was MLSP’s live the dream event some few years back around 2010 or something like that. We got on stage to be presented with a nice award.

It’s a good feeling to be recognized for what you do. So one of the ladies that was invited to the event, somewhat of a legend in the network marketing industry, has a magazine website that she runs.

As I said network marketing industry, she goes… “no, it’s network marketing industry; not profession.”

I found it interesting. I like taking corrections. I like being in the caliber of the top earners of the industry. I like speaking their language. From day one before I made any money. That’s just how I’ve been.

If I see people getting the result that I am trying to get, I do what they do. I just mimic them until my personal style creeps in like it always does.

For example, you see your top earner, they are posting checks on Facebook. You try to do the same thing but you can’t. Because you don’t have checks yet. Well, that’s why they are wrong in the first place for posting those things.

Because everyone can’t do that PLUS it’s sleazy. It doesn’t attract the right type of people. It’s a lure. Anyway, it’s corny.

Posting big checks on Facebook is fine if you are being presented with it on the stage. But, over and over, or posting the back office of how much money made is corny. It doesn’t work.

It attracts the wrong type of eyeballs or unnecessary government agency attentions. Doesn’t matter what disclosure or disclaimer you have in place, if you do it you will attract unnecessary and harmful attention on your business.

Anyway, she said it’s profession. But here is the twist to today’s lesson. When I go on Google and I am doing some search keyword phrase research; trying to see what people are asking questions about online, I see people typing industry a lot.

Why? Because that’s the language that they know.

So, I’ve used it. But I’m very aware of the difference. A profession is professional. People take you a little bit more serious. Professional is pro level. You are thinking as a professional as opposed to a hobby. Okay.

Sadly most people in the network marketing industry think this is a hobby.

That is why they make less than $10’s per month. So find out what the top earners are performers are doing. May be not directly mimic it but definitely model it.

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But don’t lie.

If their posting income claims, you don’t want to find yourself putting screen shots of fake income together. You’re going get in trouble with that. It’s not real and people will see through the BS eventually.

If you see top producer sending emails to you on a daily basis. Ask questions, “Ola, I get emails from you all the time. How can I start getting my emails out there?”

“Hey Ola, I see this email from you all the time with a link under it that says unsubscribe or edit my information. I try to do that with Gmail, but it’s not working. How can I set up mine?”

And “Ola, hey, I noticed that … I don’t know if you’re just sending emails to me but, I noticed that you’re very consistent. And you’re sending emails to me every day. And you’re getting all this results. Um, does it mean that your emails are creating the result that you are getting?”

As questions…

Just ask this questions based on what you see that top performer is doing.

“Hey, Ola, I noticed that you have this element on your capture page. Should I have that too?”

It may come off as stupid questions and the wrong questions. But there’s no such thing as stupid questions. You need to ask. You need to find out why they have that element on there.

“Hey, Ola, you have a privacy link on the bottom of every page on your websites. Is there a reason for that?”

So you need to ask questions like that. And sometimes it requires that you have to be a detailed oriented person. To know the difference between network marketing industry and profession is a bit of a detail… granted.

So pay attention to that from here on. Success requires that you are a little detailed oriented. But, not so much. The main thing that it requires that you have is a strong desire to get results

Without a strong desire for results, you probably registered for a webinar and you did not attend. You forgot or you didn’t check your email.

“Hey Ola, I noticed that your emails end up in the SPAM box. Should I check my SPAM box all the time?”

You are going to hear me say ‘yes’ all the time because SPAM filters are not accurate. Why? Because I check my SPAM box all the time.

One day, my friend was about to show me something on his computer. He had his GMAIL open. I saw 26,000 unread emails. Damn. That was a lot. And I was like, “you don’t check your emails?” He was like, “I don’t care.”

But you know what…

My friend was not a business owner. He was not a wanna be business owner. He didn’t want to own a business. He didn’t care.

Point is that you should be a little detailed oriented. Especially, when it comes to the result that you specified that you want to have. Because that’s the only way you could be consuming this information.

You said or insinuated once upon a time that you wanted to build a thriving and profitable business. Maybe from home, maybe not. But you are an entrepreneur. Is that still the case?

You can’t afford to be thinking like the rest of the world which is more than 70% of them. You’re special. You’re a little bit different.

That my friend actually owns a local CKO kickboxing club here. Now is a business man. Do you think he check his email and spam box consistently now? You bet ya.

Now he has a strong desire about making sure that CKO, his business, wins; BIT TIME.

Do you have that strong desire about your business right now? If you do, you need to pay attention to little details such as network marketing industry or profession. At least, you need to know that the difference exist.

They may be terminologies that you don’t agree with. But you should know some things exist and pay attention to them. Most especially when it involves marketing and prospecting.

I guarantee putting your effort in building your home business is a lot more worth than putting effort in a job. That’s a fact. For one you can’t have that kind of lifestyle you can get from running your own business; specially from home.

Is it the network marketing industry or profession? It doesn’t matter, just know that the question exists. Should your check your spam and junk email box? ABSOLUTELY; unless you don’t care about your business.

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