Top 1% tips for network marketing online lead generation strategies & systems

I want to talk to you about Network Marketing online. I want to share with you a few tips on how to setup and build your Network Marketing business online.

Network Marketing as you know involves you setting up on a distribution channel; setting up a team of dream builders and entrepreneurs that want to make money from home by distributing a particular product.

A company with a product gives you an opportunity by hiring you as an independent contractor to market and distribute their products.

On top of that, they allow you to build a team which is essentially leverage that you make money from their total production. That’s Network Marketing.

But now in today’s age, everything is digital. As a matter of fact, you are seeing this probably on a digital device. As a matter of fact, everything you buy these days come in from Amazon.com.

Maybe it’s time to start taking a look at how you can build this business digitally. Besides that, if you look at your kids at home, if you look at your friends, anywhere you are, most people are more comfortable hanging out on their cellphone.

…Essentially on the internet.

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When was the last time you were so happy to pick up the phone when a person is calling without texting you first? Exactly. Things are changing drastically or if you want to choose to say gradually, feel free to say that.

But in my opinion, things are changing. Everything is going digital, and if you plan on staying in business as you move into the new era or into the new inevitable digital age, you’re going to have to pay attention to Network Marketing Online.

For a long time, people avoid teaching it to their downline because they’re afraid they’re going to lose them. What essentially happens is that…that exact same thing keeps happening. They keep losing their downline into the digital world.

Obviously, anybody in their right mind knows that we are in a different age and if you’re going to build a business or thrive in it, pay attention to the digital age.

Network Marketing online strategies still need to involve relationship

At first, it was very difficult to figure out. People kept hiding under the excuse that relationship is what builds business. So they needed to keep it “belly to belly”.

Guess what, that hasn’t changed. In today’s age, you have people building lifetime relationship–literally getting married from the internet. What makes you think initiating online business partnership is not possible?

You have people connecting people all the way from China to connect and partner in multi-million dollar business deals. How can yours be different? It’s still relationship.

People still want to do business with people they like, know and trust. When it comes down to Network Marketing Online strategies, you’re going to have to make sure that you involve the fact that people value relationship first.

I’ve been online for a minute, I’ve been online since 2009. Every business opportunity I’ve been able to engage in, either as a customer or joining a deal, has being created out of strictly building relationship first.

Now, sometimes it could be a one way relationship. Somebody could’ve watched my video long enough to really feel like they know, like, and trust me and I may not necessarily know this person in person.

Believe me. It still depends on the relationship. It still depends on the type of connection.

When you’re thinking about Network Marketing Online lead generation, you’re going to have to serve or give value first.

The first network marketing online tip I’m going to share with you is to make sure that you’re offering some type of value into the market place. Now, your market place today is the digital arena.

People are hanging out on Facebook. They’re searching for something that’s related to what you offer on YouTube and Google, or any of the search engines. They’re pretty much hanging out online.

They’re playing a games that are related to what we do, and boom. Your ad pops off, and you’re telling them that you can offer them some type of gift–a valuable gift but free in exchange for their contact information.

Essentially, a lead is generated like that. That’s Network Marketing Online lead generation. After you offer something of value, something that can solve problem, and something that can answer a question first.

You offer something valuable enough that they’re willing to give you their email address. It’s called a lead magnet. You collect that email address into a C.R.M.

The C.R.M stands for Customer/Client Relationship Management software. It’s a simple web based software. It’s very easy to use. It’s just like a regular phone.

It costs less than $20 per month. You can collect those emails into this auto-responder/C.R.R and automatically follow up with your prospect all day long for as long as they say subscribed.

That’s how you build a tribe. All Network Marketing Online lead generation must involve building a tribe. It’s very simple. As long as you can send email and receive email that you can use this tool.

Put all of these together into a system. It’s a lot more easier to use this information inside Network Marketing Online systems. You can actually create one for yourself.

As a matter of fact, overtime you’re going to end up creating your very own Network Marketing Online system. It involved those things I just shared with you. It must build relationship.

It must offer some type of free and valuable value in exchange for people’s email address, so you can build relationship long term because that person is going to be buying either your product or your business opportunity,

They have to like, know and trust you. Sometimes that relationship takes time to build. Some people are ready to do business with you on day 1. Some people will not be ready for the next two years and everything in between.

That’s how Network Marketing online works. It is still relationship and yes, it can be automated but it still involves you.

But you’re exposed to a lot more people aka a lot more leads than you can possibly speak to him one day. That moves your business heck of a lot more faster. It moves your business a lot more faster.

If you CAN’T build your business faster, what’s the point of doing business? If you can’t build income faster, what’s the point of joining a Network Marketing opportunity? Those are my tips for you on Network Marketing online.

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