How I analyze “network marketing opportunities” and their compensation plans for success viability….

There are literally thousands (1,000’s) of network marketing opportunities out there.

In fact, many of them are new. Every time I turn around, someone is pushing another brand new greatest opportunity of all time.

If you’ve been around the online business opportunity community, you’ve seen them.

Aren’t tired of seeing them?

Not only do new network marketing opportunities spring up from time to time, existing ones refurbish themselves into new deals all the time.

In this episode, I will share the ONE simple thing I would look for while scanning network marketing opportunities for the best one. I will also share a few unique observations of mine with a few popular inquiries.

In one of the last few episodes, I featured an example of how “Ideal health” re-branded into Trump Network back in 2010. This type of move happens all the time.

In fact, a few years ago, PrePaidLegal re-branded and re-packaged themselves into Legal Shield. Have you ever paused to ask why? If your primary network marketing opportunity did it, did you truly understand why?

In this episode, your eyes will open a little bit more.

I’ve been around the network marketing profession consistently for 5 years. I’ve realized this is something important to pay attention to.

There is nothing wrong with re-branding and restructuring a company. They do the same with conventional corporate American companies all the time.

However, if you watch wall street like I do, every restructuring has an agenda. The agenda are not necessarily in the interest of the people and partners. Hence, the turmoils in the valuation of the company.

Do you know why?

It’s because investors can’t necessarily tell the fate of a company when they re-brand or restructure. The network marketing profession does not have immunity against these type of things.

In essence, re-branding or restructuring is usually a sign that something was not working in their previous practices. In fact, it’s a move to avoid or run from something.

The question now becomes, is the move going to fix the issue or not. Investing in such companies is gambling at many levels.

A lot of times, network marketing opportunities would restructure their whole compensation plan for many possible reasons which may include but not limited to:.

  • A need for a new buzz
  • A need to attract new leaders
  • A need to switch from a non-sustainable plan
  • An attempt to run away from something… lol
  • Uncertainties…
  • … and much more.

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The first few years of network marketing opportunities can be quite exciting. Everyone is making money and success stories are being created left and right.

This period is usually not an indication of long term success for an opportunity or for YOU. The usual saying is “to get in at the ground floor of an opportunity before it’s too late”... right?

Well, sometimes, it’s too early to get in.

This is applicable in pretty much anything. Even in ordinary software updates, sometimes I’ll wait for others to use it first to clear any possible bugs; bugs are inevitable in new infrastructures.

Network marketing opportunities does have bugs in the beginning. As a professional entrepreneur, it’s high time you started using your God given wisdom when observing the home business industry–like a PRO.

The average person being attracted into the profession belongs on a job; collecting pay checks every other Friday. There is nothing wrong with that but YOU are different. You are a leader if you found your way to this information at all.

But something will be wrong with your business if you waist your personal time with this type of people. You deserve to learn marketing skills that will attract the right type of prospects for your business.

See more information about generating quality network marketing leads here…

So… As much as you are looking at a new buzz going off in most new network marketing opportunities, you should also consider its future. This is not an act of eliminating risk but an act of assessing risk like a PRO.

Aggressive compensation plans is not necessarily a good thing in network marketing opportunities. In fact, history indicates they don’t last long.

When you encounter a network marketing opportunity that focuses on it’s compensation plan to the public more than a real product, that’s a red flag.

It’s not necessarily right or wrong. But it’s going to call unnecessary attention from both the FTC, jobless government agencies and lazy entrepreneurs.

Do you know what a lazy entrepreneurs is?

A lazy entrepreneur is someone who invested $7 and expects to make money without doing anything else. When they don’t get this unrealistic results, they blame you for the result they actually deserved.

Obviously, that doesn’t make any sense but there are many of them out there.  However, if you have too many consumer complaints, it will bite you even though they are supposed to be entrepreneurs and not just consumers.

If you recruit them into your team, you will regret it. It’s hard to eliminate them totally but there are skills involved in minimizing attracting them.

Therefore aggressive compensation plans are only good short term. Short term means 3 months to 5 years.

They are non-sustainable either because of greed from the owners or straight up non-profitable for the network marketing company.

Yes. There are company owners and founder in the past who decided to shut off a whole machine because they felt they were paying out too much money to reps. It’s sad but true.

I’ve seen a top earner’s account terminated by founders who felt they were paying too much out to him/her. Of course, they don’t admit to that. They attached the termination to other reasons.  That’s easy to do with  so many moving things.

Also, when the marketing message almost seem unrealistic; like “all you need to do is to invest $7 and then make $10,000 in 30 days”, there will be at least a few FTC complainant from a lazy entrepreneur among 20,000 reps.

It’s a road downhills.

The One Thing I Look for in Network Marketing Opportunities is Simplicity in product demand and compensation plan.

That’s it. This is really the only thing that last longest in most long term success stories. I’ve seen it and experienced it all.

I admit. It’s very tempting to jump on new network marketing opportunities especially with aggressive comp plans.

But I promise you, there is a lot more money in learning marketing skills and applying it to a simple compensation plan, a truly marketable product, and CONSISTENCY. It’s sustainable and there are no limits to your potential.

Once I hit my first million online, I did a quick analysis and comparison with other leaders. What I noticed is a bunch of noise from empty barrels. Yes they make the loudest noise. But don’t be fooled.

Not only are they NOT building a self-sustainable leadership brand, their income are always dwindling away. It’s not sustainable.

They burn so much energy on other people’s launches and yes they can make so much money initially. But I’ve seen money. Nothing is better than consistent cash flow no matter how big or small it is.

Here are some popular searches on network marketing opportunities and my insights on them:

Network marketing opportunities in UK – I’ve attracted many students from the UK but honestly I thing I am missing something. To be fair, I know of some network marketing success stories from there.

I think there is a disconnect between my marketing style and the people in UK. We will keep working and testing and I will share with the inner circle once I find what it is.

Just note that majority of the network marketing opportunities in the US as seen in this directory are available also in the uk.

Network marketing opportunities in Australia & Canada – Same thing I said about UK applies. Great market but probably needs a little more targeting in marketing.

If you live there locally you should be fine. Most major network marketing opportunities in US works fine there and here is a directory again.

Network marketing opportunities in Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa – My heritage is from Africa. I was raised in Africa; Nigeria to be precise between the ages of 3 and 18. I was born in Dallas Texas, United States but I consider myself very African.

But you deserve the truth.

Building a network marketing business in Africa is little more challenging than in developed countries. There are many systemic issues that causes the challenges such as power, internet accessibility, electronic payment challenges among others.

I get the question all the time. Does the work in Ghana? Does this network marketing opportunity work in South Africa? It’s the same answer essentially.

There are many network marketing opportunities success stories from these places but be aware of the limited technology to leverage.

From my experience of going to Nigeria every now and then, every technology is available. All the fancy things that this world has to offer is available. But power and internet connection is a big issue.

People who live in the major coastal city would argue otherwise. But the majority of this underdeveloped countries do not live on the coastal edge.

Due to this challenges, many sustainable network marketing opportunities avoid having to do business there. Many have taken the leap of faith. Many stay. Many opt out eventually.

Network marketing opportunities for men – Men are leaders by default. In most network marketing opportunities, women dominate. I think it’s because they are more open to learning more than us-men.

I’m not sure if there are any companies dedicated to only men or women. Personally, I know it looks weird to me when I see men pushing any type of skin cosmetics network marketing products like Mary Kay, Avon, Nu Ski etc.

But again, that’s just me.

That’s it for this episode. Feel free to share this with your team unless you don’t care if they produce or not. See you on the next episode.


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