Discover the best network marketing opportunity to build a business with…

On this particular episode, I want to talk about best network marketing opportunity, exactly how to discover your best network marketing opportunity to build your empire with.

Everybody wants to know what this is.

Everybody asks me that question all the time. I get this question endless times.

“Ola, can you check out my opportunity?”

“How can I tell if I’m in the best network marketing opportunity?”

But, I get some special type people with a different agenda, they’ll say, “Hey, can you check out my opportunity? You should take a look at it and let me know what you think.”

Many a times, it’s an attempt to try to recruit me into a deal; always a wrong move though. I can see through that, not only because of my status, but it’s obvious to a person like me.

I teach marketing, and I teach how to market properly using the internet; even offline. So when somebody approaches me with a hidden agenda, I can’t appreciate it.

I can appreciate that they are trying to build their business. I can appreciate that they are at least doing something. It’s cool to be excited about a network marketing opportunity.

But as a 10 years perpetual marketing student myself, it’s very hard for me to appreciate any kind of information that will come from that, so I always brush it off or shut it off blatantly.

… depending on how busy I am at the moment.

Just like two days ago, somebody would say, “hey, Ola,” they send me a private message on Facebook. “Would you mind if I sent you an email about an opportunity that I’m involved in right now?”  See figure below…

042 join my network marketing opportunityActually, I think she first of all said, “Ola, do you have a minute?”

I said “yes, what’s up? How can I help you?”

I said, oh, no thanks.

Sometimes, I would say yes just to to stay updated on the new network marketing opportunities coming on the scene.  But I don’t know any top producers who have ever joined deals this way.

Very simple. She said, “lol, thank you for your time anyway.”

When I looked at the previous conversation that I’ve had with her. It was about how she can

  • market her business properly.
  • generate leads like a professional marketer
  • build a list list a guru
  • build an audience like Oprah

…build a tribe that will absolutely fall in love with anything she offers, because she’d be giving them value already just exactly as we teach here in myEmpirePRO.

That’s a very difficult thing for people to wrap around their mind when they’re desperate for results. That’s also why I want to explain to you why you don’t want to be desperate for results.

If you are, you definitely want to pretend that you’re not, and how do you do that? By learning the actual skills of marketing and prospecting and then making sure you’re not throwing yourself under the bus way too soon.

Best networking opportunity, what is it?

What does that look like? Well, it’s your opportunity that you’ve chosen, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that way if you don’t have the skills.

If you don’t have the proper marketing skills that you need to build this business, regardless of what company you’re working with, then every company you join will always seem to be the wrong one a.k.a the worst network marketing company.

Even though you see people going on the stage, showing checks, showing results, showing accolades, you’re going to be struggling, as you’re trying to figure out how come not you on that stage?

How come you can’t be the one on the stage?

Are those people better than you?

Personally, I don’t think so. I just think they know how to take more action. I also think, because they’ve been taking more action, making more mistakes, they’ve acquired more skills along the way than you have.

Generally speaking, some of the best skills you’re going to acquire in this business is going to come from just taking action. It’s going to come from just moving faster than the next person.

It’s going to come from something some people will call hard work, like being more hardworking than the next person. But most of the work is just brain work. There’s no physical work.

…and that almost shows up to be a curse sometimes, even though that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing we don’t do any manual labor in network marketing and free enterprise, but it’s almost a bad thing sometimes.

Because it’s easy to do, it’s also easy not to do, and I think that’s a quote from the great Jim Rohn. Some of the things that are easy to do are also the easiest things not to do. Things like:

  • Investing yourself
  • Investing time in learning the skills of marketing online

Put your head down and say, “listen, I want to be patient. There’s a skill here that I need to learn.”

It’s in 6 steps like I shared with you on the previous episode on the 6 crucial elements of online marketing. By the way, make sure you listen to that episode on the 6 crucial elements of online marketing.

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Best network marketing opportunity comes from…

… YOU, from inside of you. When you’re just starting out, it’s very hard for you to know which company is good enough. As a matter of fact, the best company in my opinion are the simplest ones with no complication.

Something compensates you on maybe 2 levels for your production and allows you to build a team. It’s as simple as that.

Anything that goes more complicated than that is not going to make any difference if you don’t have the skills of marketing, prospecting, generating traffic and leads endlessly. That means perpetually. That means never stopping.

If you don’t acquire the skills of doing that, you’re always going to struggle with identifying if you’re in the worst or the best network marketing opportunity. It really won’t matter anyway.

What is best network marketing opportunity? Is it Amway? Is it 5LINX? Is it a empower network? Who knows. There’s just too many numbers to start worrying about that.

There’s too many factors to start worrying about that, but there’s one factor that’s really not that complicated. What kind of marketing skills do you have? What kind of prospecting skills do you have?

Are you still identifying your family and friends as the warm market, or you’ve come to realize that they are in fact cold with respect to the topic of building a business from home?

Let me explain what I mean. Do they look at you and say, “This guy can help me make money with a business from home.” If they don’t, you don’t have the right influence. Do you have influence building skills?

If you don’t have that skill, you’re going to keep struggling, because even when you go online, you still have to build influence to be able to impact your market. How do you do that? It’s content creation.

What is content creation? By learning, doing, and teaching. But before you can learn, do, and teach, there’s something that comes before that, and that’s called invest. It’s I.L.D.T (invest, learn, do, and teach.)

If you can do that, you can choose any network marketing opportunity, and you will make it the best network marketing opportunity. It’s as simple as that, and anything else outside would just be another shiny object along the way.

… but because you have the skills, you will not be moved. Does that make sense?

Even if you have to make a decision to move on to another network marketing opportunity, it will be a well-informed decision because of the skills you’ve acquired.

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