002: Network Marketing PRO: Copy & Paste the “10 Secrets” of the Rise of Eric Worre’s Go PRO Empire

Shout out to Eric Worre whose mission is to help tons of failing network marketers Go PRO with their business using his Network Marketing PRO platform.

He has a great book on Amazon called “Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.” You should check it out with this link“. Don’t go after the free Go PRO pdfs. Invest the money and it will have a better impact on your business.

I have something even better for you today… Yes, I am , sort of, kind of leaking his secrets because I know that my readers and listeners would benefit from it.

I’ve learned a lot from Eric Worre when it comes to the traditional network marketing strategies. I am a silent Ment-ee of the Network Marketing PRO platform.

But do you realize that he is building his business the network marketing 2.0 pro way… using all the tools that the digital age has to offer?

I get it. Most people are too un-mature to learn digital age business and marketing strategies right?

Are you?

My question for you is this… What’s stopping you from doing the same thing that Eric Worre does to build his network marketing pro empire?

These are the 10 secrets to the rise of the network marketing PRO platform and you can copy and paste it.

  1. He continues to master the network marketing 2.0 pro tactic even though he teaches the network marketing pro skill only.
  2. He shoots daily YouTube videos with a blog post of value based content 2 -3 minutes long for his audience.
  3. A lot of his audience are attracted organically and naturally from the search engines and a perpetually growing influence.
  4. The 1st 2 secrets builds his brand perpetually.
  5. The 1st 2 secrets builds his list perpetually especially due to the consistency part. (The money is in the list.)
  6. He has an ‘ever growing’ influence to become a top earner in any company any time he wants to… but he chooses not to–at least not publicly.
  7. He sells his own information products. (More value to the world = More money in his pocket)
  8. He packs a room of 8,000 networkers every year at his network marketing go pro events in Las Vegas.
  9. He sells high ticket products to his customers who already wants to buy his brain.
  10. He launched his book and became an instant best seller–multiple channels of value into the world.

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Any one can use these 10 secrets to build an empire the network marketing 2.0 way starting with a decision-#1. Anyone one can write a few words per day and shoot a 2 – 3 minutes video per day.

If you are a consistent reader or listener of the network marketing 2.0 show, you know more than enough to share with the world. Actually, you came into this profession with more than enough knowledge.

So what is stopping you from becoming the next Eric Worre or building the next network marketing pro empire in any niche you are passionate about?

What do you think will happen to your business when you do decide to have 850,000 raving fans on Facebook, 71,000 subscribers on YouTube, have people Googl-ing your name, looking for your wiki page, net worth, quotes and much more?

Do you think you may be able to recruit 20 – 30 reps every single month?

What do you think is attracting such a crowd? One word: VALUE.

At press time, we have 25 people shy of 49,000 fans on our Facebook Fanpage and this website has done over $1,000,000 (million) from trial and errors. We are just getting started.

Trust me… the amount of wealth you create is directly proportional to the value you bring and how many people you impact.But there is a formula to it and I am going to share it with you.

I gave you 10 secrets of the network marketing PRO above. But I’m actually showing you tomorrow on this webinar how to reduce that to 2 simple steps for you.

Here are my 3 simple success secrets after $10,000,000 and 10 years in free enterprise.

  1. Find successful people… (possibly as a mentor)
  2. Observe what successful people do.
  3. Model what successful people do.

Is that simple or what?

When you decide that you are ready to take this business seriously, even $10,000 would be a no brainer investment because this new business model will build you in way that you can’t stop… very FAST.

That’s worth more than any amount of money and you really can’t keep track of the R.O.I on that type of investment.

As a serious entrepreneur, I use certain tools to leverage my time for my business. The amount I pay for them are really investments and the value I get are really priceless.

This particular content you are consuming will continue to serve more and more people perpetually. I’m sorry I can’t put a price on that….

Why am I doing this?


A percentage of people that will see this which includes ‘you’ are serious enough to see the vision of a 6 or 7 figure empire. In all honesty, everyone won’t get it… that network marketing 2.0 is really all about paying it forward.

Eric Worre’s Network marketing PRO does a great job at giving so much value into the profession using their very own lane. Their message is very simple.

“Stop treating network marketing like a hobby. Become a professional. “ Hence the idea of Network Marketing PRO or the name of his product series, Go PRO.

But they’ve always stopped right at the point where we come in and tell you that technology is your friend. The digital age will work in your favor once you realize that your prospects responds differently in the digital age.

If I were you, I’d treat the 10 secrets like the 10 commandments.

Most people that resist them are just selfish and only concerned about getting rich quick. There is nothing wrong with getting rich quick because I actually believe that’s the only speed available to get rich or wealthy.

Do you want to know how to get rich never? Simply set a goal to get rich slowly and you will automatically win the game.

What if I can show you how to make even more money from every one that says ‘NO’ to your business opportunity? That almost sound like “would you like to make money outside of what you do?”

Do you really want to Go Network Marketing PRO? It’s simple.

Go PRO by upgrading to Network Marketing 2.0 with these 10 commandments as practiced by the Network Marketing PRO legend, Eric Worre.


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