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Network Marketing Recruiting – 7 Tips on How to Become a Recruiting Machine

In this edition, I talk about network marketing recruiting like a machine. In order to introduce today’s 7 tips, I answer a question. Let’s dive into the question.

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QUESTION“In setting appointments with Text Messages, a Prospect think that we are about to have a coffee, not a business meeting.

So…how can we make it clear that we have something to show? Like, the purpose of the coffee is to show something?

Otherwise the prospect will feel cheated!!”

ANSWER – Cheated? No. It’s more like you cheating yourself when you don’t know the rules of prospecting for network marketing recruiting. Less is more in a lot of ways.

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t need as much information as possible in order for you to recruit them successfully. What they need is just enough information for the next step.

With that being said, here are 7 tips to leverage when prospecting and recruiting into your network marketing business.

Tip #1 – PreQualify Your Prospect

This is simple verifying if someone is open to see more or move forward in the process.  Becoming a recruiting machine in network marketing is a direct result of being good as sorting and/or pre-qualifying for the next step.

Tip #2 – Create and Publish Solutions and Answers for Your Ideal Prospects

So here goes the next question. Who are these people that you are pre-qualifying?  How do you create the first encounter with them?  How are do you get exposed to this people?  How do you fill your pipeline with qualify prospects.

The worst way to do that in this digital age is to stalk family and friends by phone, text messages or social media.  The best way is to CREATE solution and answers to their problems and questions then publishing them strategically on the internet.

The next 2 tips uncovers your ideal prospects in network marketing.

Tip #3 – Attract Prospects Actively Searching for a Home Business

The 1st ideal prospect for recruiting into your network marketing business is already actively searching for a home business on the internet; in the search engines.  Create, publish and optimize the information in the form of articles and/or videos for them in order attract them.

Tip #4 – Attract Existing and Struggling Home Business Owners with Solutions to their Common Problems

The 2nd ideal prospect for recruiting into your network marketing business is already in a home business or MLM opportunity but he or she is struggling to building the business.  Create, publish and optimize the solution in the form of articles and/or videos for them in order attract them.

This is same concept of searching and/or struggling is applicable in any business.  Everybody else can find you but I wouldn’t invest my resources into marketing to prospects not presently searching or struggling.

Tip #5 – Capture and Build an Ever-growing Prospects List

Studies shows that an average human being needs 7 exposures to a product or brand before they decide to buy or not.  This makes it essential for you to capture the contact information of prospects in order to follow up over time.

By doing so, you are also capturing attention because attention is at an all time low due to information over load on the internet today.   Capturing the audience, building a list and following up with more valuable information is how you dominate in your market place.

Tip #6 – Convert to Sales and Revenue However Conversion starts from Tip #1

Everything that has been happening since tip #1 has been preparing your prospect to convert effortlessly into a customer, a business partner or a rep in your network marketing distribution channel.

There are a few things you could do help increase conversion rate like making your offers irresistible.  However, if you do everything right starting from pre-qualification to building your list, sleazy and tacky conversion moves won’t be necessary.

Remember that prospects are already searching  or struggling.  They already want to solve a problem.  They already want to buy the right solutions and answers.  They should be chasing you in order to get in at this point.  Not the other way around.

Tip #7 – Master Leverage and Apply it

Success loves speed.  Money can  be replenished but time can’t be replenished.  Once you lose time, that’s it.  You can get it back.  Your competitors realizes that.

You can’t afford to not leverage the internet and available system to prospect and recruit fast.   I am aware that some ignorant people are still encouraging belly to belly stalking and prospecting family and friends.

Listen, all I can say in the scope of this edition is that you need to learn everything you can about leverage.  Then leverage that information to building your fast network marketing recruiting machine.  It literally needs to be a machine.

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