Secret CHECKLIST to “effortless” network marketing recruiting of 1-2 reps per day

Network marketing recruiting is the #1 money making result in the game but it’s not the #1 money making activity. Just as in any business, you will have to sow before you reap.

I’ve seen many training that also called network marketing prospecting the #1 money making activity.

However, have you seen the reality tv show ‘prospecting gone wrong’?

OK.. I’m just kidding. But that’s the reality of 98% of reps in network marketing.

If you burn through your warm market like most people do, there will be no one to prospect. Therefore in my opinion, the #1 money making activity in network marketing is the marketing part.

Forget network marketing recruiting scripts... they suck. Your best prospects can smell them from 1 mile away and it turns them totally off.

Instead, I’d rather give you a check list, a network marketing recruiting checklist that works 100% of the time.

Let’s break it down… NET-WORK MARKETING…

Lately, I’ve also come across trainers teaching that people should focus on the work part. Please don’t do that.

Network Marketing recruiting requires skill and strategy. Not more work!

Working hard has never been our problem as human beings. We know how to work hard and we know how to survive. The part we struggle with as people is how to create and build wealth from just 24 hours in a day.

Most people will call it a wrap if they can make a million dollars in 1 year.

If you want to make $1,000,000 (million) in one year, working for only 200 days of the year, you will need to generate $5,000 for each work day on an average.

If you are a regular Mary or Joe, all you can do and/or ‘get paid for’ in a day is 8 hours. Let’s assume, you make $100 for each one of those hours.

8 Hours X $100 = $800 per day income.

That, my friend, would be a cap at $800 for your daily income. Let’s assume you are a superhuman and you can work for 365 days of the year. That would cap your annual income at $292,000 per year.

If you think that’s a lot of money or you are attracted to that money… there is a BIG problem.

What about freedom?

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Leverage is the name of the game.

Knowing that number I just shared requires ZERO physical effort and a simple courage to set a better goal for you and your family.  It took no work. Therefore, stop listening to mentors that just want to focus on work.

Your motive for chasing after more leverage by way of network marketing recruiting is not 100% greed. The truth is that your income is directly attached and proportional to the amount of value you bring to the market place.

The real question is:

How many human beings are you serving?

If the person you serve is ONE boss just like most people on a 9-5 job, your income can only go so far. If you can figure out a way to serve more people than 1 boss, there are no limits LITERALLY.

NOTE: This is not about becoming a boss so you can make more money; at least, not in this context. It’s about becoming a leader and getting ready to have many bosses in the form of customers and business partners.

Learning Network Marketing Recruiting 2.0 is the Holy Grail of Wealth Building Skill.

Once you learn this skill, you can build any size of business in any niche-not just network marketing. That’s why I always tell my students to look beyond network marketing for the usability of the skills they learn in the profession.

I want to give you a quick checklist for your network marketing recruiting efforts. It will remove guess work and save you time, energy and bandwidth on the wrong prospects.

All successful businesses use checklist. It’s a really cool way to bring your business down to a science and have predictable results.

Feel free to use this checklist. Then I’d appreciate if you’d come and share your results with me.

1. Audience – This is not that hard. All successful business in the world have now shifted priority gears to people as the product.

Well, this is not an issue since there are over 7 billion people in the world. Thank goodness, a chunk of them are on the internet where one can easily connect with more than enough of them.

2. Prospects – This is actually a break down from #1. There are 2 types of audience. You need to have prospects to talk to about your business opportunity.

In fact, you need a pipeline of prospects. You need more of them than you can speak to in a day.

How do you have more prospects coming through your pipeline than you can speak to in one day? We use a simple 2 part strategy called attraction marketing and lead generation.

3. Attention – Traditionally, network marketing recruiting always involved ‘pique-ing interest’. But of course, amateurs forget about this part. They go for the pitch as soon as they see a human being.

You don’t want to do that. What do you say about a man that goes for everything in a skirt? Ladies, wouldn’t that be just annoying? I dunno.. tell me… EXACTLY.

In the digital age, we do it a little differently.

Let me take that back.

You don’t have a choice; you have to do network marketing recruiting differently in the digital age.

Skepticism together with low attention span is at all time HIGH. You something a little unique. What if you can become the only one who cares about what the prospect wants already?

Yes, that’s an automatic way to ‘pique interest’ by default. It’s also the only way to get the attention you need to go on to the next level in the network marketing recruiting process ‘effortlessly’.

4. Influence – If you checked number 3, attention, you are 30% done with having influence.

The other day, I heard a story about a guy who joined a network marketing deal and recruited 60 of his family and friends. That’s probably not going to happen for you.

The only ‘secret’ behind that one is probably because if he was already influential is some shape or form on these people. Leaders do that sometimes if they already built a million dollar business in the past.

It’s simply because of influence due to proven track record.

He had a built-in influence but the good news is this.  That’s not the only way to have influence. Just note that you need influence at some level on your ideal prospect.

5 What do they want? – You need this information. Can you guess how to find out this information?

You guessed right. ASK!

When you dare to ask and find out what your prospect wants, it takes your influence level to 65% – 75%; just for asking. It’s subconscious and they don’t get to choose if you catch your influence or not.

6 Acknowledge what they want – Once you know what they want, respect and acknowledge it. You actually need to say it out so they can consume it. This is powerful.

Most people won’t take the time to actually care about the prospect.  That’s put you all the way at the top.

7 Connect – Now I remember.  You did have something you wanted to sell.

A business opportunity right?

Well, at this step, it’s okay to connect them with what they want through your business opportunity. By this time, their mind is pre-framed to check out your information and there is a 70% chance they are sold on working with ‘YOU’.

The goal of this process is to get them sold on working with you even before they find out what the network marketing company is.

It makes your job easier.

Each step before getting to the 7th connect level is a pre-qualification. It allows prospects to disqualify themselves before you have to personally waste time, energy or bandwidth on the wrong prospect at a Star Buck.

Here is the cool thing about the network marketing recruiting process I just shared with you. The whole thing can be automated and you can LITERALLY recruit in your sleep.