Are you stuck with “old school” network marketing strategies that’s only burning out your warm market?

So you joined an opportunity with the hopes that you can have a “walk away from the job you hate” income within 12 months, only to find that the network marketing strategies you’ve been provided has burnt out your relationships.

Is that the case?

It’s tough out here with outdated strategies. The good news is that I’m going to share what works today with you on this episode. Make sure you share this with everyone in your downline and even sidelines.

Just note that people are still joining and buying opportunities. I’m going to share with you how it’s been done.

The question now becomes, “what are the newest and best network marketing recruitment strategies for success in the internet age?”

I got you.

But before I get into that, you need to understand the fundamental difference between the old school and the new school network marketing strategies. It’s easy.

There are some timeless concept since the beginning of mankind in sales and marketing that applies to network marketing. Many of them remain the same and here they go:

  • People only buy from people
  • People love buying brands
  • People love buying into a vision.
  • People only buy from people they feel like they know, like and trust.
  • People don’t care beyond the perceived value that you bring into their lives.

You see those 5 things have to remain in whatever network marketing strategies you adopt because they are timeless. There is also the 3 M’s that I learned from the God father of direct response marketing, Dan Kennedy.

  • Message
  • Market
  • Media.

There will always be a need to align those 3 elements of effective marketing. It’s just sad that a lot of network marketers never get the memo that they are marketers first.

If you are hearing that for the first time, there you have it. All 3 of the M’s evolve over time. The message is essentially the product, service or opportunity that you sell.

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Here is the blatant example. We are not using the same type of flip phones that we used in the year 2003 anymore. Therefore you can’t keep selling that.

However, the beauty about network marketing as an opportunities for sale is that people still buy them. If you are struggling, it’s because you ran out of people; may be your warm market is burnt out though.

You just have to ensure that your particular network marketing company is innovative and not selling outdated or unusable products and services.

What people wants to buy or join evolves only because the people (the market) evolves all the time. It’s called civilization. It’s called technology. It’s the digital age.

Guess what else evolves faster than ever? How people send, receive and consume information (the message) has dramatically changed. We call it media.

The mainstream media of this age is the social media and all network marketing strategies must involve social media.

Here is the good new:

Your competitors will not take the initiative. They will have excuses such as “I’m not techy and I don’t know computers.” They will say “I don’t have the time to learn this stuff.”

You will take initiative especially when it is cheaper than it used to be 30 years ago. Just imagine having to switch from marketing on radio only to newly invented tube box called the television.

That probably costed a fortune right?  Well, getting on social media cost literally zero dollars and a strong desire to win in 21st century network marketing. That’s it. Do you have what it takes?

“Success comes from taking the initiative and following up… persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your love. What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?” ~ Tony Robbins

That’s key to thriving in an ever changing world.

With that being said, it is in fact true that today’s network marketing strategies are different from that of 1966. It can’t possibly be the same. Everything is different.

Back in the days, you could knock on people’s door and sell them a water filter. Do you know why that was possible?

They had one TV with only 2 channels on it. There was no smart phone in their hands to play away a whole day. They had all the time in the world to politely open the door and buy unproven crap from people.

Network marketing strategies is different today and your leadership in this matter makes all the different between struggling and thriving faster than history.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve always had to give value to receive profits. But because of internet accessibility level, there are lots of noise in the space.

Therefore giving value used to be sitting down with people 1-1 and giving a presentation. Unfortunately for your competitors, it’s well beyond that now.

Here is an example:

You went over to your cousin’s to show him your business presentation DVD. Of course, that’s one of the many network marketing strategies still being taught right?

After the presentation, he pulls out his smart phone and Googled your network marketing company name. Voila! She found a title in the search engines…

“Is Potion juice Network a scam?”

What do you think happened in the brain of your cousin when she saw that headline? Did you know people don’t take the time to read a complete news piece any more? They consume headlines.

Essentially, what will happen is that you will receive a rejection but you won’t necessarily get the truth about that either. I’m assuming that your cousin would love you enough to not say ‘no’ to your face.

Your cousin is probably more comfortable telling you that she is thinking about it. Even though, she already made up her mind based on that headline that she is NOT getting involved with a scam.

If you call her too much to follow up even as follow up is one of the timeless effective network marketing strategies, she would avoid your calls until she sees you at the next reunion.

If this “time wasting results” hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened to someone in your upline, downline or sideline.

There are better network marketing strategies today. It simply involves serving over 50,000 actively searching online “how to build a business from home.” Stick around and I’ll show you how.

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